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Preventive Maintenance Activities are performed on regular intervals in every factory and plants where machine failures, plant availability and energy costs matter. SONOTEC Ultrasonic Solutions manufactures multiple Ultrasonic Testing Devices for Preventive Maintenance Activities of SONAPHONE family using which the activities can be done quickly, precisely and easily. TECHNOMAX represents SONOTEC as its Distributor for United Arab Emirates since 2017 and has sold many units to customers in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and other General Industrial Sectors.


IPEC is amongst the best-known names in on-line partial discharge testing of MV and HV plants. The firm develops world leading technology in the detection and location of Partial Discharge in cables, switchgear and accessories.


Flowrox by Valmet is a global firm specializing in flow control, filtration, environmental technologies and industrial automation solutions and other kinds of preventive maintenance solutions.


Pentair designs and manufactures advanced technologies for the high-performance separation of solids, liquids and gases. These technologies are used to help facilitate balanced systems that are highly stable, reliable and robust, thereby increasing throughput, reducing operating cost and minimizing waste. The company's technologies help solve the most critical separation and extraction issues for the gas, refining, chemical and power generation industries.


As an industrial equipment provider, Yamada corporation came into being in 1905. Since then, Yamada has been a leading industrial player mainly offering a comprehensive range of pumps and accessories.

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