Why use a Yamada Pump for your pumping needs?

  • Yamada pumps have no close fittings or revolving parts; therefore, they can handle a wide range of fluids even with high solid content.
  • Their diaphragm pumps contain an air-powered motor that allows the pump to run dry without causing significant harm, making it self-priming.
  • By simply altering the air inlet pressure, the pump can function at any setting within its operational range, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of applications.
  • Bolted construction is standard on all Yamada pumps, which reduces leaks and simplifies reassembly after maintenance. Misalignments during reassembly frequently may result in frustrating, needless leakage rebuilds.
  • Every Yamada air valve can be inspected or serviced without taking the pump out of service. It is easily accessible from the outside, making it simple to repair or inspect.
  • Parts confusion is reduced in Yamada pumps using common-size air valve assemblies.
  • Their research has helped them in the development of an ideal stroke length that enhances diaphragm life and performance while minimising downtime and maintenance expenses.
  • The Yamada pumps are simple to transport and assemble.
  • The pumps can be submerged in liquid if the exhaust line is elevated above the liquid's level.
  • These pumps use compressed air to work, making them intrinsically safe. They also have no rotors, gears, or pistons to wear out over time, making them 100% efficient.
  • The steel base of the pumps is capable of absorbing impact without causing damage to the pump. As its bases are separate components that are not moulded into the manifold, there is less need to purchase a new base frequently, even if the pumps are used in a tough environment.

Applications of Yamada Pump

Yamada air operated double diaphragm pumps can be used in a multitude of industries and applications. Capabilities of Yamada pumps in operating in a variety of contents the NDP pump makes it an excellent choice for many industries, hence the Yamada pump has a wider range of application. NDP pumps are widely used by Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Oil Industries to manage their fluid handling systems.

Industrial uses of Yamada Pump

Some of the few industrial uses of Yamada Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are AODD Pump in the Chemical Industry, powder contents, food industry, mining applications, oil and gas industry and the automobile industry.

Best Yamada Pump Distributors UAE

World wide Presence 

Our collaboration with some of the world’s most prestigious companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, infrastructure, and other industrial sectors in the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has helped us establish ourselves as a leading name in the Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council. We’ve grown as an Authorised Distributor of relevant Product Manufacturers and an Engineering Services Provider in the field over the past 15 years. By developing sourcing and logistical partners in many trading hubs globally, we developed a great deal of knowledge and competence in the Trading and Distribution line of business.

Certified Quality

The product manufacturers and solution providers we represent are industry leaders with an established track record and reputation. Yamada is an ISO 9001-certified company that adheres to strict quality protocols throughout the manufacturing process, including liquid testing each pump. Our expert crew is exceptionally well-suited to guide you to the best solution, from pump selection through installation to maintenance.

Superior Customer Satisfaction

We make every effort to ensure that you, our customers, are delighted with our products and service. We provide the most extensive choice of enhanced pump alternatives with more standard features than the competition at a lower price. We also have a large selection of high-quality products and accessories that we carefully select to satisfy our clients’ demands.

Customised Solutions

Technomax has earned the reputation of being more than a supplier to our customers. We can help you with solutions for any application that requires bespoke specs or pump adjustments. We’ll work with you to figure out precisely what you need and then make a recommendation that will result in a perfect solution.

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