Knife Gate Valves

  • Ideally suited for heavy-duty applications to isolate flow
  • The universal tower design makes the maintenance easy to perform
  • Installing Knife Gate Valves is a simple process
  • Designed for processes requiring high performance and reliability
  • Appropriate to provide 100% isolation.
  • Excellent flow characteristics and high resistance to wear and corrosion
  • SKH valves are ideal for higher pressures even in the hardest process conditions
  • Bidirectional flow of the Knife Gate Valves tolerates the backflow

Flowrox slurry knife gate valves are heavy-duty bi-directional valves with a tighter shut off mechanism and zero downstream leakage.  The heavy-duty slurry knife gate valve has been specially designed to offer excellent performance in higher solid concentration materials, sludge, erosive-abrasive and corrosive slurries, liquids, and bulk solids. Flowrox offers three distinct models of slurry knife gate valves to befit the chosen process the best: Slurry Wafer Knife Gate Valve (SKW), Slurry Flanged Knife Gate Valve (SKF) and High-Pressure Slurry Knife Gate Valve (SKH).

Technomax has sold many units of pinch valves, knife gate valves, hose pumps, and dosing pumps to customers in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and other General Industrial Sectors to fulfil their increasing demand. We are an authorised distributor or channel partner in the Middle East & G.C.C for numerous well-known manufacturers and solution providers.


Progressive Cavity Pump


Flowrox manufactures progressive cavity pumps for demanding applications such as industrial slurry and paste pumping, as well as wastewater treatment in various industries. Progressive cavity pumps from Flowrox are designed for high, corrosive, and other problematic or sensitive media. Three series of Flowrox PC pumps are available. The E-series progressive cavity pumps are great for paste pumping applications. In tough wastewater and municipal waste applications, EL-series PC pumps are used. The D-series progressive cavity pumps are ideal for chemical and flocculant dosing. They are very popular due to their distinctive features, patented design, and remarkable efficiency.

Hose Pumps

Flowrox offers a wide range of hose pumps, covering a variety of applications with demanding process conditions. The company designs and manufactures different types of high-quality peristaltic hose pumps for diverse industries, including LPP-T transfer pumps, Smart Hose Pumps (SLPP series), etc. Owing to the unique design and technical features of Flowrox heavy-duty hose pumps, they are ideal for the toughest industrial applications such as abrasive, corrosive, and highly viscous or crystallising media with high solids content. Flowrox hose pumps became the most preferred choice in the industry due to their low operating cost, less energy consumption and ease of maintenance.

Dosing Pumps

The state-of-the-art dosing pumps from Flowrox are ideal for pumping various slurries and dosing a broad range of demanding process conditions like abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallising media. Since the pump discharge flow does not depend on the pipeline pressure, the Flowrox LPP-D peristaltic dosing pumps provide accurate dosing under all process conditions. LPP-D dosing pumps proved to be a perfect fit for dosing and flow control with a large adjustment capacity. The hassle-free and consistent operation, accurate dosing, extended pump lifetime, low energy consumption, advanced roller design, and long service intervals of Flowrox set the industry standard for peristaltic pump technology.


Why Choose Technomax for Flowrox by Valmet Products

Technomax has been a trusted supplier of equipment and services in the Middle East & G.C.C to the foremost companies in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Infrastructure and other General Industrial Sectors for over 15 years. We positioned ourselves as a leading company catering to the electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation products requirements of the industrial sector. Our range of products is meticulously chosen from the manufacturers who are pioneers in their industry and strictly adhere to the quality.

Flowrox is the pre-eminent manufacturer of industry-leading pinch valves, knife gate valves, hose pumps and dosing pumps. Technomax takes pride in being the authorised distributor of superior quality and long-lasting products from trusted brands like Flowrox.  Moreover, Technomax is recognised as a reliable and preferred provider of Installation and Maintenance Services of Industrial Cranes, Condition Monitoring and Machinery Diagnostic Services, Stocking and Supply of Maintenance, and Repair & Operation Spare Parts.

Technomax owns warehouses with extensive storage capacity, stocking a selection of products ready for dispatch with utmost care. We maintain comprehensive stocks of standard valves and pumps to source best-in-class products on any scale. Our expert team of qualified professionals is on-hand to offer turnkey solutions tailored to support the industrial sector.

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