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  • World wide Presence: Thanks to our dedicated team and esteemed clients, we established ourselves as the leading name in the Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council. In the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, and Saudi Arabia, we have substantially impacted the oil and gas, petrochemical, maritime, infrastructure, and other industrial sectors.
  • Customer Support Service: We are here to support you with Customer Service, Tech Support, and Product Support. Our consumers have always been able to rely on us for high-quality products with long service life. We provide outstanding warranties on all types of equipment and services we send out. We also offer extended warranties on chosen products installed by our certified installers. Customer service at Technomax can always be relied on for technical support and product problems. Whether you're a dealer or an installer, Technomax's helpful, professional resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in getting the job done right. Water softeners, filtration, deionization systems, and marine and recreational vehicle applications are available at Technomax.
  • Certified Quality: All of our products fulfil the standard, which is based on a variety of quality management principles. Pentair has its innovative technology through the BPVC, which specifies guidelines for designing, construction, installation, inspection, care, and usage of pressure vessels. Before reaching the market, Pentair's equipment is subjected to a series of quality controls to ensure their quality and standard.


Here are a few areas where Pentair products and solutions we have been supplying to our customers

Upstream and Midstream:- Produced Water, Inlet Gas,Separation, Amine Systems , Lube Oil Systems,Glycol Dehydration, Frac Fluid Clean Up, Deep Well , NGLs /Fractionation

Pentair Distributors in UAE


REFINING: Hydroprocessing, Amine Systems, Alkylation, Custody transfer, Fuel Gas, Sour Water, Reforming, UDEX/ Sulfolane

PETROCHEM: BTX, Ethylene, Gas Cracker, Quench Water, Process water, Amine Systems

Natural Gas Liquids: Condensate water, Separation, Amine Systems, NGL FractionationGlycol Dehydration Mol‐Sieve

Power: Gas Turbine

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