Vibration Analysis Software

  • DIGIVIBEMX™- Analysis Software: A leading vibration analyser and data collector, known for its fast, easy connectivity and cutting-edge triaxial wireless technology, DigivibeMX® excels in vibration analysis and dynamic balancing. It offers unparalleled portability and compatibility with mobile devices.
  • DRAGON VISION – Video Deflection Analysis: An innovative software that magnifies motion in videos to detect microscopic movements, converting them into vibration signals. It expedites vibration analysis by identifying thousands of points in a single video.
  • WISER VIBEPRO – Mobile App: This is a vibration analysis app by Erbessd Instruments, equipped with advanced features for monitoring and diagnosing machinery health. It promotes predictive maintenance and prevents costly downtimes.
  • EI ANALYTIC – Online Analysis & Monitoring: Cutting-edge online condition monitoring with Industry 4.0 sensors allows for remote tracking and management of machinery. It ensures optimum performance, minimises downtime, and enhances operational efficiency.

Data Collectors

Erbessd’s intuitive vibration data collectors facilitate efficient data capture from machinery, enhancing maintenance routines by eliminating assumptions. Analysed using Erbessd software, the data provides a complete health overview of equipment, allowing for precise problem identification and optimised maintenance planning. Following are the key models that significantly increase transparency across all machine systems:

  • WISER 3x – Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer: A wireless device that measures movement, transmitting the signal wirelessly, eliminating costly cables. The Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer sends 3X vibration data plus an extra channel without wires, outperforming regular models with its 10kHz low-noise feature.
  • WISER1x – Wireless Accelerometer: This accelerometer is a universally compatible sensor that wirelessly transmits advanced vibration and additional data. It features an ultra-low noise feature and 10kHz bandwidth, surpassing standard accelerometers.
  • PHANTOM – Vibration Monitoring System: This is an all-inclusive wireless system monitoring vibrations and multiple parameters like temperature and speed with long battery life, easy installation, and local and cloud data access through devices like smartphones.
  • GP8 MULTICHANNEL – ICP Accelerometer: The GP8 is an 8-channel adapter that wirelessly connects multiple vibration sensors to the Phantom System for efficient data transmission, supporting standard power supplies and Modbus communication.


Balancing Machines

Erbessd’s Balancing Machines accurately measure and correct rotor imbalance using advanced sensors and calculations for optimisation.

Balancing machines from Erbessd instruments for evaluating machine health and condition monitoring are:

  • Balancing Machines: A Balancing Machine measures and corrects rotor imbalance by spinning it to detect the centre of mass via vibration sensors, typically accelerometers, guiding the placement of correction weights to enhance performance.
  • Turbo Balancing Machine: The EI-30 Turbo Balancing Machine excels in balancing high-speed turbochargers and lightweight rotors, featuring low-inertia soft bearing suspensions for enhanced vibration resistance, sensitivity, and accuracy, complemented by a user-friendly digital interface.
  • Soft Bearing Suspensions: These suspensions allow precise, unrestricted rotor movement in one direction for accurate mass centre measurement, essential for high-sensitivity, cost-effective, portable balancers, with Erbessd Instruments offering key components and designs for DIY construction.
  • Software for Dynamic Balancing DIGIVIBEMX™ M10: The DigivibeMX® M10 is a dynamic balancing system with an intuitive interface, catering to demanding applications with tools for 1 and 2-plane balancing, automatic speed tracking, accommodating a wide balancing speed range, and extensive signal recording.


Condition Monitoring

Erbessd’s condition monitoring solutions use vibration monitoring systems and other innovative tools to facilitate thorough evaluations of machine health.

Condition monitoring instruments from Erbessd available at Technomax are: 

  • Condition Monitoring Sensors: These small, easy-to-install devices capture vibration data for cloud or database analysis through a gateway. They wirelessly transmit detailed waveforms and spectra with up to 10 kHz bandwidth and have alarms that can be programmed for efficiency and battery conservation.
  • Online Condition Monitoring: Online condition monitoring provides real-time alerts on machinery health, allowing immediate action to prevent damage and lower repair costs, as well as customisable notifications for increased vibration levels.
  • Bluetooth Sensors: These sensors are accelerometers that use Bluetooth to wirelessly send vibration data, offering flexible connectivity options, including peer-to-peer and mesh networks.
  • Wireless Modbus Sensors: Combining Wireless Modbus Sensors with Phantom Wireless Sensors enables easy integration into industrial systems via Modbus TCP/IP, supporting multiple masters and improving monitoring applications with standard network communication.
  • IR Thermal Camera: Thermal Cameras detect infrared radiation to prevent machinery failures, offering applications in maintenance, monitoring, and design. The Phantom Thermographic Camera provides precise temperature measurements and infrared imaging for condition monitoring.


Discover the Latest Erbessd Instruments from Technomax

Erbessd Instruments has partnered with Technomax to provide businesses with essential tools to prevent unexpected machine failures and maintain smooth operations. This partnership focuses on easy setup and quick installation of wireless sensors, which promote minimal operational interruptions. This initiative supports businesses in adopting proactive and user-friendly maintenance strategies, improving productivity, and ensuring reliable machinery health monitoring.

Being the leading engineering company in UAE, Technomax offers a range of products to enhance the performance and reliability of machines through advanced vibration analysis, precise balancing machines, or real-time condition monitoring. For more information on powerful maintenance strategies and to understand how adopting Technomax’s expertise and innovative tools from Erbessd Instruments can improve your machine health and condition monitoring, contact Technomax today.

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