What Technomax can do for you

  • Inspection, installation, maintenance, and service of all types of cranes including crane rail and monorail crane installations and EOT (Electrical Overhead Travelling) crane maintenance.
  • Installation and maintenance of full, semi, portable, and adjustable Gantry cranes.
  • We do Crane Inspection, Crane Reliability Survey, Crane Refurbishment and Crane Up-gradation services after proper tests and analysis. This will extend your crane’s service life and will increase productivity and reliability.
  • Installation and maintenance of the hybrid semi goliath cranes.
  • Which one do you prefer among the single girder and the double girder cranes? We provide efficient installation and maintenance services for both.
  • Overall maintenance and support will be provided for Cantilever beam cranes.
  • Gantry Rail Survey - Checks for improperly aligned gantries, thereby preventing abnormal wear of wheel flanges.
  • Technomax provides expert C-Track rail festooning services for all types of cranes.
  • Technomax is expert in Crane Busbar System replacement and refurbishment.
  • We provide Load Testing service for overhead cranes which are critical to ensure the safety of the employees and the workplace.

Technomax provides expert and reliable installation, maintenance, and upgradations services of all types of cranes. Our services also include the commissioning of EOT cranes, polar cranes, rope guide supply and wire rope supply installation, control panel assembly and up-gradation, Crane Busbar System Refurbishment and Replacement, a wide range of explosion proof cranes and many more. Our team of experienced and highly-skilled engineers, technicians, erectors, and welders are the force that helps us in getting the work done at a quick pace.

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