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Our expertise is spread over almost every service in condition monitoring and diagnosis, and we’ve served several customers of various industries. Reliability engineering services offered by Technomax have been of the highest quality standards. Some of our Condition Monitoring Services include

  • Vibration Analysis.
  • Infrared Thermography Testing.
  • Ultrasound Inspection.
  • Alignment and Balancing.
  • Machinery Lubrication.
  • Fluid Analysis.

Vibration Analysis


Vibration analysis is a non-destructive Condition Monitoring technique that can be used to detect faults within a machine that analyses the vibrations produced by a system. The vibration signatures form an installation that can be recorded and analyzed to understand the health state of the system. Proper Vibration Testing and Diagnosis will help in finding repairable and chronic problems that might occur due to mechanical, electrical, or operational irregularities. Technomax also engages the Rotor Balancing technique to identify unwanted vibrations if any. Contact us for Vibration Analysis of Centrifugal Fans.

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Dynamic Field Balancing


Imbalance of rotating equipment can be due to a multitude of reasons such as corrosion of rotor, bearings or seals, improperly shop-balanced rotors, and so on. Such imbalances can occur during operations which can leave a severe impact on the machine. Dynamic balancing as one of the condition monitoring services provided by Technomax can help reduce this costly damage by measuring the imbalance of the rotors and correcting them without needing to dismantle them every time. Our experienced engineers can get the work done for you based on the requirements. We conduct proper valve testing, steam trap testing, and pump inspections to ensure smooth functioning of the installations.

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Laser Shaft Alignment


Sometimes, two or more rotating shafts may fall out of alignment, causing severe inefficiency in production. Shaft misalignment might cause an increase in energy requirement and loss in production. Laser Shaft Alignment service for industrial equipment offered by Technomax as one of the condition monitoring services helps in arranging the rotating shafts in a co-linear manner. An increase in efficiency and uptime, a decrease in operational cost, increase in machine life expectancy are the results of proper Laser Shaft Alignment.

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Ultrasound Analysis


Ultrasound inspection or Acoustic inspection Services provided by Technomax will help you to detect early-stage problems related to lubrication issues, Steam Trap Inspection, Valve Leak Testing, Mechanical Inspections, Air Leak Detections and Quantification and Partial Discharge inspection in Switchgear Panels.

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Infrared Thermography Services


Infrared Thermography or Infrared Thermal Imaging is one of the condition monitoring services makes use of temperature or heat flow to diagnose the failure of equipment. Our team of analysts and engineers help you to detect visually undetectable problems such as Partial Discharge, burned or damaged circuits, abnormal heating of equipment, loose connections, overloaded Connections, damaged electrical components, abnormal heating of equipment, and all related defects. Based on the observation, various measures will be suggested to get the faults fixed out before the machine gets severely affected.

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Oil Analysis

Oil analysis helps to ensure that the machine is operating according to the requirement. Oil analysis as one of the condition monitoring services can be used to detect any abnormal condition in the running of the device, and immediate action can be taken to fix the root cause of the issue. Oil’s current physical and chemical state, level of contamination, presence of particles due to mechanical wear can be figured out using oil analysis.

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Electrical Inspection and Monitoring Services


Highly optimized predictive maintenance is key to the seamless operation of your mission-critical electrical infrastructure. This is where TECHNOMAX’s Electrical Inspection and Monitoring services guarantee class-leading uptimes for our Middle East clients—from sectors such as Oil & Gas or Petrochemicals to Power Generation and Steel.

The TECHNOMAX portfolio includes comprehensive condition monitoring services for proactive diagnosis and mitigation of electrical anomalies that result in plant failures. Leverage these predictive insights to create electrical maintenance strategies that enhance plant reliability and extend asset lifecycles. You can rely on our team’s proven Root Cause Analysis (RCA) capabilities to eliminate the recurrence of detrimental events.

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Remote Condition Monitoring


When equipment is unable to run during normal operating hours, production declines, and the organization loses money. We use remote condition monitoring systems in industries such as oil, gas, petroleum, and power production plants to prevent this as well as increase safety, dependability, and efficiency. The ability to measure and monitor machine status, performance and behaviour from a distinct location is known as remote monitoring.

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Condition Monitoring On-Board Ships


Many industries have adopted proactive and predictive maintenance as normal practices in recent years, and maritime maintenance techniques have also evolved. Its maintenance models have progressed from reactive to predictive and preventive. One of the most difficult tasks in vessel maintenance is to prevent unplanned vessel downtime and marine-related risks. Machine breakdown in vessels can also pose a greater risk to people’s safety on board.

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Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)


Operating deflection shape (ODS) analysis is a simple approach for visualizing a machine’s or structure’s vibration patterns as impacted by its own operating forces. Inspection of a machine or any structure is considerably easier with ODS analysis since we can observe and figure out faults connected to structural stiffness and vibration damping using animation. It enables us to test components by precisely animating them and visualizing the vibrational moment during regular steady-state machine operation.

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Motor Vibration Analysis


This motor vibration analysis process monitors, detects, and investigates the different patterns of motor vibration to resolve any malfunctions and defects. These motor vibrations are measured through various types of sensors, such as accelerometers, velometers depending on the application. Motors emit high vibrations during their lifetime. By using the predictive method of motor vibration analysis, it is possible to detect and also prevent numerous faults and defects in the motor that occur as a result of depreciation and malfunctions.

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Noise Survey

Sound is a range of pressure fluctuations, and its level is expressed in decibels or dB; it ranges from 0 to 120 and over. ‘0’ is the threshold of human hearing, and anything at 120 dB or over is classified as harmful. Often, noise levels can reach very high levels in industrial environments, and these extremely loud sounds will be harmful to people working in these environments. Noise surveys are conducted to identify areas of harmful levels of noise with the use of special measuring instruments that will allow the initiation of appropriate measures to protect workers who are continuously working in these areas. It is, therefore, an essential component of safety in a number of industries.

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Torsional Vibration Analysis


Torsional vibration analysis is conducted to verify calculations made earlier, or to establish separation margin and torsional natural frequencies. In case there is discovery of a torsional vibration issue, it is possible that you may need to make modifications in the system. Using the software, the team can recommend solutions and assess suggestions by the customer. It may be necessary to alter the flywheel inertia, the torsion rigidity of the coupling and so on, to eliminate torsional resonance.

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ODS Vibration Analysis


Inspecting machines and structures with the help of ODS vibration analysis is much simpler. This is because the faults related to structural rigor and vibration damping can be visualized with the use of 3-D animation. We can animate components accurately to test them, and observe the vibrations movement when the machine is being operated in its usual steady state manner. The environment and operations give rise to forcing functions; these are affected by factors like speed, pressure, load, temperature and machinery flow. For structures, the impact is caused by ambient factors like wind and traffic waves too. We can observe a combination of the structure’s dynamic properties and the forcing functions that impacts it.

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Eddy Current Tube Inspection


Tubes are a common component in a lot of industrial equipment, and especially so for the oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, fertilizer, marine, air conditioning, and petrochemical industries.Inspecting heat exchanges is important, and necessitates precision as there can be hundreds of tubes, and the tiniest of circles that need to be examined. You can save a lot of time by detecting common problems like cracks both circumferential or longitudinal, pitting, corrosion, or changes to the exterior or interior surfaces of tubes. At Technomax, we can help you ensure that there are no delays due to abnormal tube function with our eddy current tube inspection services. We use state-of-the-art technology to inspect tubing applications and identify defects.


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Gearbox Vibration Analysis


A Gearbox plays a vital role in various industrial processes and because of its criticality, the condition should be monitored closely to prevent any catastrophic failure and prevent huge production losses. Vibration analysis is the most effective predictive maintenance method to detect faults in gearboxes at the early stage itself so that the necessary steps can be taken to prevent failures. Each gear component vibrates differently, creating a distinct pattern. This pattern undergoes a change when there is a fault.

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Sound Vibration Analysis


Hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to excessive noise is today recognized as an occupational hazard for employees who work in noisy environments. As per international and local regulations, companies have to take steps to protect employees’ hearing. Exposure to vibration is generally related to noise exposure, plus the physics of noise and vibration is nearly identical. Sound and vibration analysis is a very complex field and involves several domains. At Technomax we have the most advanced instruments to monitor sound and vibrations at your facilities. We can perform noise level cartography, assessment and control of safety, health, and welfare hazards. Our engineers also identify, build and promote practical and rational control systems for noise, body and arm exposure to vibration.

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Lifting Equipment Inspection


All machinery and equipment used to lift goods and people have very stringent safety norms associated with them. These are applicable at the time of commissioning, operations, as well as during the maintenance. Technomax offers you all-inclusive support to help you fulfill your legal and safety compliance as operators, planners, owners or manufacturers. We offer our technical expertise not only at the early phase of your project, but all throughout the life cycle of the equipment like planning, design, manufacture, installation, operations, maintenance.


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