Fixed Thermal Cameras

Fixed thermal cameras are used for an attended thermal imaging system and other uses, including equipment monitoring, surveillance, and vehicle mounting. Fixed thermal cameras are revolutionizing temperature monitoring across industries. These robust devices utilize infrared technology to capture and analyze thermal data, offering precise temperature readings in real time.

ICI’s fixed thermal cameras excel in applications ranging from industrial processes and electrical inspections to security and medical diagnostics. With unparalleled accuracy and reliability, these cameras ensure early detection of anomalies, preventing potential hazards, and optimizing operational efficiency.

ICI’s commitment to innovation positions their fixed thermal cameras as indispensable tools for professionals seeking advanced thermal imaging solutions in diverse fields, ultimately enhancing safety, productivity, and decision-making.

USB Infrared Cameras

ICI USB Infrared Cameras offer top-notch thermal imaging solutions, seamlessly integrating with USB interfaces for versatile and efficient applications. These cameras employ advanced infrared technology to capture and visualize temperature variations with exceptional clarity.

These USB cameras from ICI cater to diverse industries, such as research, industrial maintenance, and medical diagnostics. USB connectivity enhances accessibility, allowing users to easily connect and utilize the cameras for real-time temperature analysis. 

ICI USB Infrared Cameras stand at the forefront of non-contact temperature measurement, providing professionals with a reliable tool for precision thermal inspections and analysis. These cameras are usually small, lightweight, extremely convenient, and connectable to all devices. 

Infrared Camera Cores

Thermal imaging camera cores from ICI are lightweight, compact, and efficient for integration with high-level platforms. These cameras are ideal for OEM applications and are available in longwave (LWIR) and shortwave (SWIR) IR. 

These cameras are renowned for their innovative infrared solutions for producing high-performance camera cores that empower industries such as security, industrial automation, and scientific research. 

These camera cores leverage state-of-the-art infrared sensors to capture and interpret thermal radiation, enabling users to visualize and analyze heat patterns with exceptional precision. Whether used for surveillance, process monitoring, or research applications, ICI Infrared Camera Cores deliver unmatched thermal imaging capabilities, setting the standard for thermal excellence.

Thermal Imaging Systems

The ICI thermal imaging system consists of infrared cameras, a temperature reference source, and a screen for monitoring. Thermal imaging systems are used to perceive the unseen world by detecting and visualizing infrared radiation emitted by objects. These cutting-edge systems convert thermal energy (IR) into visible images, enabling users to identify temperature variations in their surroundings. Widely employed in diverse fields such as security and industrial inspection to enhance situational awareness in low-light conditions.


By capturing temperature variances, thermal imaging enables the early detection of anomalies, ensuring timely intervention. From identifying energy inefficiencies to locating objects in darkness, these systems play a pivotal role in diverse applications, fostering advancements in safety, efficiency, and problem-solving across various industries. 

Camera Reporting Software

Infrared reporting software is used to easily identify elevated skin temperatures and consists of centralized monitoring, access control, red and green light signals, and much more. ICI also offers additional software with analysis tools for research and prevention monitoring. 

This software transforms raw camera feeds into actionable insights through advanced reporting features. Users can effortlessly generate comprehensive reports, extracting valuable information from surveillance footage or live streams. With intuitive interfaces and robust analytics tools, Camera Reporting Software empowers users to identify patterns, detect anomalies, and enhance security measures.

Whether for business intelligence, safety monitoring, or investigative purposes, this software optimizes visual data utilization, making it an indispensable tool for those seeking efficiency and precision in camera-based reporting.

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