Why should you entrust your crane refurbishment to professionals?

  • When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that the quality and safety precautions will not be compromised. Since they evaluate and do numerous tests, they may be able to assist in the resolution of other underlying disorders as well.
  • They'll bring the most up-to-date technologies assisting you in smoothly and rapidly upgrading to the latest standard.
  • With a team, you'll receive specialists who can install and maintain your system, as well as educate you and create a maintenance plan for you.

Why Choose Technomax for Crane Refurbishment?

Technomax offers expert and reliable crane refurbishment services for all types of cranes in every industry. No matter the brand of crane you bring us, our highly skilled technical team is well qualified with a relevant background in mechanics, electronics, or mechatronics, to make appropriate restorations.

Moreover, our staff is regularly trained in all the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology. You can rely on our professional and reputable crane refurbishment services for all your crane repair and refurbishment needs for your UAE worksite.

Our services include improvement in the existing design, LT wheel replacement, LT wheel alignment, drive alignment, replacement of brake drum and brake liners, refurbishment of motors and gearboxes, replacement of wire rope and rope sheaves, replacement of hooks, the rectification of CT rail level difference, gantry rail alignment, gantry rail replacement and much more.

Before developing a refurbishment program for our customers, we understand their unique goals, budget, the type of work the equipment will be used for, etc., to propose the most effective and relevant solution for them.

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