Growing Importance of Explosion Proof Cranes

Technomax works with various types of cranes and related components to lay the best explosion proof design. The unique safety measures help to prevent the ignition of explosive environments efficiently. The analysis of every part of the crane gives high-end protection that removes every ignition source if it exists. 


Here are the key benefits of the Explosion proof cranes:

  • The crane focuses on managing environments hazardous locations. An explosive atmosphere poses risks to the common cranes, however, the explosion proof cranes can work seamlessly that meets your needs in explosive conditions.
  • It exhibits high quality and remarkable performance. While compared to the other common machines, these systems perform with great quality that can withstand complex environmental conditions. 
  • You experience highly safe machine operations with the protective and anti-explosive features in the machine. You may operate the machine securely since it automatically deals with the accident in time.
  • The energy conservation and the machine service time are high. Due to its ability to withstand critical situations, it can save energy and give you profit out of the long service time.

Different Types of Explosion Proof Cranes


Explosion Proof Overhead cranes

These cranes use advanced technology to focus on the safety and efficiency of the equipment and operations. When compared to the standard traveling overhead crane, they have a similar structure but work with distinct electric hoists of unique configurations.


Explosion Proof Gantry Cranes

The cranes have high lifting capacity and use either single-girder or double-girder configurations with electric hoists that enable application in explosive environments.


Explosion-Proof Jib Cranes

Jib cranes with anti-explosion hoists prevent the waiting time that standard cranes have, with the effectiveness of labor and high-end performance. These cranes make material handling smooth in hazardous surroundings while making the crane work safely.


Electrical Hoists

The key player of the cranes is electrical hoists, which help to offer heavy-load lifting solutions under an explosive atmosphere. This fixed support helps single-girder and double-girder cranes to work with superior protection.

Applications of Explosion Proof Cranes


The special cranes help you for operating in hazardous area. Technomax has years of experience in the distribution of a wide range of these special-purpose cranes in various designs like single, double, and suspension girder crane models.

The explosion-proof feature of electric hoists helps cranes to find applications in fire or explosion-prone areas such as natural gas collection areas, military factories, petroleum production, oil depots, gas stations, distribution plants, railway construction slots, ore mining, electronics manufacturing, etc. When you work with anti-explosion lifting cranes, friction and collision stop producing mechanical sparks; this can avoid fire accidents.

As these cranes are designed for hazardous occasions, you can find their applications in Oil and Gas process plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, gas power plants, paint shops, wastewater treatment plants, etc., where industries can choose them for good quality and service life.

Why choose explosion proof cranes from Technomax?


We represent OEM’S who create quality-centric explosion proof cranes at high quality and emphasize durability with a keen focus on specialized products. Our well-trained and equipped team has everything ready to serve the clients with cranes that reduce the risk of damage while working in a hazardous location. At Technomax, we focus on crafting high-quality and special products with a due focus on the performance and longevity of the products we deliver. We march toward a promising future with explosion proof cranes that perform as per your requirement, with advanced design and durability.

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