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Crane Modernisation

If your production demands are increasing and the critical components demand a replacement, it is time to upgrade or modernise the crane. There are some sections of the crane that can be updated to improve efficiency: Crane Control Systems, Brake Systems, Hoist, Gearbox, and Trolleys, End Trucks and Wheels, Electrification Systems, Structural and Runway Components

We conduct an authentic Crane Reliability Study to understand how your crane is performing at the moment and determine the remaining design. This will also help us give you the next step or suggestions on modernising the crane. The smart features will ensure increased productivity and the least downtime by maximising the efficiency of the machine. 

Consultation Services

Crane rail analysis and Geometry Survey: If the crane has excessive wear on wheels, issues with wheel flanges and bridge couplings, the rail or track might have to be repaired. We will deploy our best technicians to analyse the crane rail and for the geometry survey.

Crane Inspection: A thorough inspection, Non-Destructive Testing(NDT), and analysis of the reports are mandatory to get the right picture of your cranes performance and infrastructure.

Rope and Hook Analysis: Technomax will provide you with the estimated rope life based on our analysis and further recommendations of rope selection.

Crane Upgradation

Faster production and lower maintenance costs along with enhanced productivity are some of the benefits of crane upgradation. Technomax will assist you through the inspection process till you train the staff in handling the upgraded version. Our experienced engineers will ensure smooth up-gradation. The updated material handling abilities and the technology will make the whole process hassle-free.

Why Choose Technomax?

Technomax is one of the top crane upgradation service providers and has first-hand experience handling all kinds of crane requirements. The cranes must be upgraded, which requires substantial subject knowledge and a thorough grasp of the system’s operations. As a result, you’ll need to hire professionals to do the task, and the Technomax team can be the professionals you seek. We’ll work directly with you and your employees to walk you through each stage of the process.

Our experts may also assist you in replacing obsolete parts with current equivalents, ensuring that spare parts are easily available in the future and the system is more reliable and lasting. Crane upgradation also helps to safeguard the environment and cut carbon emissions by minimising waste generated when the entire equipment is rebuilt. Contact Technomax for the best Crane Upgradation services.

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