Gantry crane Installation and maintenance services we provide :

  • Full Gantry Crane System
  • Semi Gantry  Crane System
  • Portable Gantry Crane System
  • Adjustable Gantry Crane System

Technomax provides quick and smart installation of gantry cranes, as well as maintenance and support. The experience we’ve accumulated over the years is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Full Gantry Crane System

Full gantry cranes have two legs that move on a rail that is parallel to the floor. They move in a straight line inside the designated operational area.  Motorised equipment like scissor lifts, forklifts, carts and trucks can roll over or cross beneath the crane for hassle-free workplace interaction. The most common design is complete gantry crane systems, consisting of two legs that travel on rails embedded flush with the floor’s top surface. In a dedicated work area, they usually run in a straight line. This design allows motorized vehicles to roll over and cross under the crane, such as scissor lifts, forklifts, carts, and trucks.


Semi Gantry  Crane System

Semi-gantry cranes resemble full gantry cranes but only have one moving leg. The other end is fastened to a building column or wall, saving a lot of floor space. This crane may be used both indoors and outdoors facilities. It can also be positioned beneath a huge overhead crane to boost productivity without interfering with any lifting operation. Depending on your lifting needs, semi-gantry cranes can be built with a single or double girder design. Gantry cranes may also be mounted on a runway system connected to building columns or columns with one leg riding on wheels or rails and the other side of the crane riding. They are helpful so you can save the floor room/office for you. Unlike a bridge crane, this configuration doesn’t need two runways supported by or linked back to building columns; the workspace/floor space can be saved for you. Unlike a bridge crane, this configuration doesn’t need two runways supported by or linked back to building columns.


Portable Gantry Crane System

Portable gantry cranes are lighter-duty gantry cranes with casters or rubber wheels. These wheels enable them to easily move it around in a facility to handle a variety of materials and loads. They can be moved to or stored at any place when they’re empty and not under load. These provide more flexibility in terms of floor space as well as space savings. Smaller, lighter-duty gantry systems working on rubber wheels or casters are lightweight gantry cranes. These wheels enable the user to move them in a facility to handle various materials or loads. They can be transferred or stored anywhere in a store or different work cells, empty and not under load, to provide greater space-saving and floor space flexibility.


Adjustable Gantry Crane System

Adjustable gantry cranes are available in a variety of sizes and ranges. The ability to adjust the height of the beams gives the end-user additional advantages when moving it around. This type of gantry cranes is intended for warehouse applications in which materials must pass through passages, doorways, around barriers, and over other obstacles. They can also be used in welding and fabrication shops. It is possible to mount adjustable gantry cranes with a variable height and span layout. Adjustability allows the end-user to adjust the beam’s size, providing greater mobility as a gantry system is pushed in and out of a facility or across different shop areas.


Other types of Gantry Crane Installation and Maintenance Services


Light duty gantry cranes, heavy-duty gantry cranes, hoist gantry crane, Cantilever gantry crane, Rail mounted gantry crane, Rubber-tyred gantry crane, Portable gantry crane.


Industrial Gantry Crane installation and maintenance

We give an assortment of a modern gantry crane to accommodate your financial plan and application. You can browse a wide range of limits and sizes. We offer a full range of administrations from gantry crane configuration, assembling the establishment and after-sales service. Call us today to shop for the most appropriate gantry crane installation and maintenance in UAE.


Warehouse Gantry Crane installation and maintenance

The warehouse gantry crane can be generally utilized for material lifting tasks in distribution centres, workshops, material yards, manufacturing plants and different events. The gantry crane’s utilization can significantly decrease work power, improve activity productivity, and acknowledge motorization and automated tasks. At times, a gantry crane for the warehouse is more practical than an overhead crane because the gantry crane hardware disposes of the requirements for help segments, which brings about an extraordinary decrease in material expenses.

Why Choose Technomax?

Our highly trained staff finds creative solutions for challenging situations and complex gantry crane requirements. Our customised approach to overhead gantry cranes and hoist maintenance is one of the many benefits of our experienced and efficient service team. Our phones are active 24/7, and our full-time technicians are ready to answer your calls right away and sought out your issues. 

We ensure a crisp and organised workflow during the installation or maintenance to bring down the downtime and ensure quality services. After the initial inspection, we analyse the whole report and suggest possible issues and solutions. Our technicians will assist your team and will make sure that all your needs are fulfilled hassle-free. 

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