Features of Technomax Wire Rope Hoist.

  • It has a compact design and can be used in all weather conditions.
  • High-quality wire rope is wear-resistant and useful for crane modifications and factory reconstruction.
  • It is exceptionally safe for lifting heavier things and does not require any personal effort.
  • As it completes jobs faster and in a much easier manner, this is a time-saving technology.
  • We implement all quality-control methods to ensure that our wire rope hoists are free of flaws.

We have a Wire Hoist for every application. 

  • Fixed Hoist: This type of hoist is utilised when the application simply requires vertical motion to be handled by a hoist. This hoist is most commonly used when installed at the top of a building, and the material is raised at different levels.
  • Geared Trolley Hoist: It’s hoisting equipment with a piece of the hand-operated trolley on top with a wheel for manual lateral motion.
  • Electric Hoist with Electric Trolley: The Heavy-Duty Electric Trolley Wire Rope Hoist is designed for use in harsh environments. It has two electric motors: one for lifting and the other for lateral movement, and it can transport up to 20 tonnes of weight under the monorail beam. Particularly in steel mills and chemical facilities, this hoist can provide the needed performance.
  • Flame Proof Hoist: It’s essential in fire-prone regions. This Hoist is commonly used in chemical industries and oil refineries. It has the same lifting capacity as a standard hoist and can be controlled electrically via a handheld pendant.
  • Double Rail Hoist: The double rail hoist was explicitly created for supporting double girder cranes. Double girder cranes are frequently utilised for long periods, necessitating the usage of specialist hoisting equipment.
  • Flexible Trolley Hoist: It’s especially effective in circumstances where cross-movement is required. It can navigate through twists and curves and adjust its direction quickly as necessary. They are essential in large warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Why choose Technomax?

Upgrading an existing crane system rather than replacing it with a new one can save you up to 50% on the cost. Our superpower is the capacity to reverse engineer crane designs with a high degree of precision and analytic skill. As the work progresses, the requirements at most weight lifting facilities change. Technomax offers a wide range of wire rope hoists that may be customised to fit various needs. You are free to make your selection based on your specific requirements. Simply tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the best equipment to do the job. Our wire rope hoist is solid and flexible, making it ideal for demanding jobs. 

Technomax offers professional and dependable installation, maintenance, and upgrade services. Load Testing is a service we provide to protect the safety of personnel and the workplace. All of the installed systems are thoroughly inspected, and the products are tested before they can be used. Due to our attention and passion for what we do, we are one of the most trusted crane services providers in the Middle East. In addition, we can meet our customers’ bulk orders within the time frames they request.

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