Benefits of ODS Vibration Analysis

  • The ODS vibration analysis performed by Technomax helps in the visualization of vibration of a structure or an equipment.
  • It is helpful in generating a more accurate diagnosis of the failure
  • You can perform validation of finite element models
  • Lowers the necessity of replacement and adjustment of equipment
  • The inspection results will enable smoother running of the machinery, with reduced fatigue or stress

How is ODS Analysis Done at Technomax?

  • For ODS analysis, the Technomax team will inspect and measure the equipment that needs to be analyzed in its entirety, and measure the vibration and phases at every point about its mechanical frequency during operation.
  • Sophisticated ODS analysis software is used by our team to build a model by applying the parameters to the relevant places for realism, after which the 3D animation model is rendered. The software is used to curve-fit and animate the shape of the deflection.
  • Through vibration analysis, abnormal vibration patterns are identified and assessed, and then a report with recommendations for fixing the problems is submitted to the customer.
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