Technomax in Vibration Structural Analysis

  • Proper understanding of Dynamic Forces: Technomax conducts comprehensive pulsation breakdown, mechanical computation, and engineering studies to determine dynamic forces generated by machinery (frequency, amplitude, changes by operating condition, etc.).
  • Dynamic FE Model Adjustments: The dynamic FE model is refined through field testing, dynamic vibration studies, and additional field calculations. Technomax applies field outcomes to dynamic FE models to get valid findings.
  • Correct Boundary Conditions: Technomax ensures the correctness of borderline condition assumptions, as the flexibility of the support structure can significantly influence the dynamic behavior of identical units on a platform.
  • Efficient Analysis with Advanced Technology: Technomax employs cutting-edge software and technology to recast structural models into dynamic models, enabling more systematic analysis.

Benefits of Technomax's Approach


Technomax’s simplified procedure of Structural Vibration Analysis reduces overall maintenance costs and improves reliability for equipment and structures.  Their integrated solution, deploy on collective field experiences, ensures uninterrupted operations, eliminating long-term vibration problems and managing integrity vulnerabilities.

Wrapping Up


Structural Vibration Analysis is a crucial aspect of ensuring the stability and efficiency of engineering structures. Technomax’s expertise in vibration engineering and integrated approach provides reliable solutions to tackle vibration-related challenges, reducing equipment failures, and improving reliability. By deploying condition-based predictive maintenance techniques and offering proactive approaches, Technomax’s monitoring solutions enable industries to achieve enhanced performance and better equipment diagnostics.

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