Features of Technomax’s Remote Machinery Monitoring Services

  • Methods of measurement and condition factors that are specific to each industry.
  • Condition parameters are monitored, and they trigger alarms automatically 24/7.
  • Provides data-based conditions on measurements sent by sensors and systems on your equipment.
  • We connect the remote condition monitoring system to the sensors via the internet.
  • Technomax specialists can analyze and provide findings, recommendations, and predictions as an additional service.

How Does Our Remote Machinery Monitoring Services Work?


The main goal of remote condition monitoring is to set up a system that can be used to collect data to generate advisory information for the operation/maintenance team, which will improve performance and safety while also ensuring detailed maintenance work, and this is exactly what Technomax’s remote condition monitoring services are for. We provide data in real-time that can be used to make maintenance decisions.

The Technomax team starts by installing remote monitoring sensors on machine components, and monitoring servers will be connected to each of those either by cables or the internet. Machine data is collected on a regular basis and analyzed from remote locations, either by the client or by Technomax. Based on the received metrics, an analyst will evaluate data and schedule the maintenance task.

The installed remote monitoring machine sensors transmit a constant, huge stream of data. When the condition parameters surpass the predefined limits, an alarm will be generated. When these alerts are raised, Technomax’s experts assist you in planning maintenance actions.

Technomax can also assist you in planning numerous variables, such as sensor installation, statistical data collection and handling, alarm monitoring, and device supervision using remote condition monitoring technology. The following features are important for the proper functioning of a remote machinery monitoring system: 

  1. Connectivity to collect data,
  2. A location to process and store data,
  3. And systems for notifying and presenting data in a meaningful manner.

Advantages of Remote Machinery Monitoring Services

  • Reduces the number of unexpected failures and downtime.
  • Early assessments improve equipment availability and reliability.
  • Easy to monitor machines that are difficult to access.
  • Condition based maintenance actions help to extend the time period between shutdowns.
  • With careful monitoring, unplanned shutdowns are reduced.
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