The advantages of Ultrasound Analysis

  • Ultrasound analysis can be used as a one-time inspection service or as a case by case basis to collect data over a period of time and use the data to detect potential problems. Here are some of the advantages of implementing ultrasound analysis.
  • Easy to use and comparatively cost-effective.
  • Compatible with almost all environments.
  • The advanced equipment assists you in collecting data and saving them for future use periodically.
  • Helps in maximising productivity by accurate fault location detection.
  • An excellent predictive maintenance tool.
  • It can serve as a remote monitoring option for applications both mechanical and electrical.

Ultrasound Analysis Services We offer :


Steam Trap Inspection

When steam travels through a trap, both sonic and ultrasonic sounds are produced. If there is equipment failure or malfunction, steam can escape through them, resulting in energy wastage. When it comes to steam trap inspection, our professionals will patiently assist you in identifying each fault, saving you a lot of money and energy. Our technicians try to listen to ultrasonic soundwaves and determine the trap’s health using the proper technology. 

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Valve Leak Detection

Any fluid passing through a valve can create a disturbance, which produces ultrasonic signals. By using proper detection techniques, we can listen to these sounds and analyse them. Completely removing leaks from compressed air systems, this detection method can save you a lot of money in the long run, and frequent inspections can also improve system reliability. 


Mechanical Inspections

The failure of a  bearing or the clogging of a valve can cause major damages to machines or force the production process to halt. When a mechanical system in an industrial plant fails, Ultrasonic sound waves are generated. These sounds are picked up using ultrasonic inspection devices. Failures in plants can be caused due to poor lubrication or normal wear and tear. Ultrasound analysis also aids in the faster detection of these defects and the planning and implementation of solutions. 


Compressed Air System Inspection 

Ultrasound Analysis is an excellent predictive maintenance service for compressed air system inspections. Advanced data monitoring through effective ultrasound analysis will save you the unanticipated downtimes and increase energy efficiency. We can help you implement a 24*7 ultrasound monitoring system to collect data and then analyse the KPIs such as pressure drops to help predict anomalies or maximise the system’s productivity. Our experts will then suggest the solutions or upgrades necessary for ensuring the excellent performance of your compressed air systems. 


Partial Discharge Testing in Switchgear Panels

Electrical systems in all businesses are meant to be safe and reliable, but flaws in insulators, switches, or fuses can cause major issues. To avoid this, you can implement  Technomax’s effective partial discharge (PD) testing to solve problems ahead of time, thereby boosting safety and preventing system breakdowns. Faults in electrical insulation can be caused by production defects or wear and tear, resulting in electrical discharges that the correct ultrasonic instrument can only detect

How does it work?

Ultrasound analysis will detect sounds inaudible to human ears at standard conditions and transpose them into audible signals. The incoming sounds can be heard through a headphone and can be viewed on a screen as a time waveform or FFT. This data will equip an expert technician with information on how the equipment works. We will suggest corrective measures by comparing the present data with the baseline data instantly. 

Why choose our Ultrasonic Testing Services?

Technomax, the leading engineering company in UAE has been in the sector for over a decade and has forged partnerships with leading manufacturers and service providers, ensuring that every service given by the Technomax team is up to date. With our ultrasonic testing service, you can identify issues before they become serious threats allowing you time to act and resolve them before they worsen. Ultrasound analysis can also assist you in detecting early signs of wear and tear so you can make the required adjustments as early as possible.

We also have teams of consultants ready to respond to your demands, and they have the knowledge and experience to answer all your questions and serve you accordingly.  With our in-house capabilities and our partnerships and alliances, we have established ourselves as one of the industry’s most trusted names in the Middle West. We have been working with reputable companies to provide services to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, and other sectors.

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