Our lifting equipment inspection services include

  • Lifting equipment management
  • Inspection of cranes
  • Inspection of wire ropes
  • Lifting equipment annual or period inspections
  • Inspection of lifting equipment with rope access

We use the following non-destructive methods of testing, for lifting gear like


  • Lowers Risk of Injuries: by regularly inspecting your lifting equipment, you significantly reduce the chances of your employees injuries. We can detect flaws early, and fix them before they become big problems. An injured employee may take to recover, and you may even need to hire someone else temporarily – they may need more time to get used to the equipment.


  • Increase productivity at work: when your lifting equipment fails it can cause serious downtime and disrupt your workflows – you may even have to stop some of them. As regular inspection helps prevent these types of failures, you can continue to work uninterruptedly. The downtime can cause deadlines to be missed, and this will show you in a bad light to your customers. Productivity is also hampered if employees get injured, as you may have to work with fewer employees, or new hires who may need time to adapt. Even though the inspection itself can take time, it will save you time in the long run as fixing damaged equipment will take even more time.


  • Lower cost of repairs: by conducting regular inspections, you can maintain your lifting equipment in good condition for several years. This means fewer breakdowns and less downtime, as well as lower repair costs. Overall, it will give you a better return on your investment. Without regular inspections, multiple components can fail simultaneously, and this may take a very long time to repair. You may not get all the spare parts locally and may have to source them from outside, which means even more expense.


  • Maintain compliance with industry standards and safety regulations: there are numerous regulations that lifting equipment is subject to. Employers are responsible for providing a safe working environment for their employees. If you neglect to do so, you could end up paying heavy penalties and fines. By engaging professionals to perform inspection of your lifting equipment, you can avoid safety hazards and maintain compliance with safety regulations as well as industry standards. With repeated failures and employee injuries, there could be multiple compensation claims filed. This will push up your insurance premiums. With proper maintenance, your equipment will work well, you can avoid injuries and claims, and decrease your insurance premiums.

How is it done at Technomax

  • Our team of professional lifting equipment technicians have a systematic approach to these inspections to deliver the best possible results for you.

Mechanical Inspection and Maintenance

  • Verification of  rated crane capacity with crane ID
  • Determination of  the history of defects or  malfunctions  and the repair and retrofitting made 
  • Preliminary examination of the crane is made through visual inspection and operating it through all possible directions to check for any malfunctions
  • Inspection of long and cross travel mechanism that includes corrosion damage, paint, rail alignment, bolts, brakes, gear, wheel, mechanical lock, clamp and runway beam etc
  • Inspection of beam, bolts, cross brazing and concrete structure
  • Inspection and lubrication of rope, drum, brake, thruster, drive motor, gear, limit switches, idle pulley etc
  • Apart from the above there are inspections for cabins, lamp, ladders and platforms etc
  • We are also carrying out load testing of the lifting equipment through our  partners as a joint venture.

Electrical Inspection and Testing

  • Motor inspection by operating and checking for Vibration and noise
  • Check & record insulation resistance, winding space heaters, brake coils, clutch coils, clean control resistor boxes & check for any sign of overheating
  • Inspection of  all magnetic contractors, relays, OIL relays, OIL sensors, load cells, electronic cards, fuses, indication lamps, illumination lamps
  • Inspection and verification of  all VFDs and thermistors
  • Checking the functionality of all limit switches
  • Check Pendent switch push buttons,  flexible cables, remote control etc
  • Inspection of Current collector,  busbars/ Cables and Carriers


The Technomax team has 17 years of experience in conducting inspections of lifting equipment and are adept at quick identification and replacement of defective components to ensure that your equipment stays in mint condition.

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