Mechanically Loose Connections 

If the mechanical connection between foundations, bearing pedestals or caps is loose, it can create excessive vibration or intensify an existing imbalance.  

Cracked Shafts or Rotors 

Cracks in the shaft or rotor can cause devastating damage in centrifugal fans. With vibration analysis it can be detected early and corrected. Otherwise, the fan can fail and necessitate extensive repairs or replacement. 

Rotor Mass Imbalance 

This is one of the most common reasons for abnormal vibrations in centrifugal fans. It can be caused by: 

  • Manufacturing variations leading to uneven distribution of mass in the fan’s rotor 
  • Being exposed to high temperatures of air streams that cause uneven fan rotor growth 
  • Rapid particle collisions leading to fan rotor damage 
  • Workshop balancing procedure not performed correctly

Benefits of Vibrational Analysis of Centrifugal Fans

At Technomax, we use the latest tools and techniques to perform vibrational analysis of centrifugal fans. We can provide both proactive reactive maintenance with this service. Proactive means identifying issues so that they can be corrected before they become big. Reactive is performing the analysis to identify the reason for breakdown of machinery so that the right actions can be taken. Vibration analysis can be carried out to check for resonance, loose components, excess torque, loose bearings, cracks, imbalance, or misalignment. We can also perform continuous monitoring of these fans so that you can read the vibrations in real time and understand the status of your equipment. 

In short vibration analysis helps you to: 

  • Detect potential problems before they become big and cause major problems 
  • Identify the cause of fan failure 
  • Avoids sudden breakdowns and emergency repairs 
  • Saves you money through planned maintenance  
  • Remote monitoring can be performed if the fans are placed in places difficult to access 
  • Isolate damaged parts 
  • Detects bearing defects

Centrifugal Fan Vibration Analysis Services we offer:

  • Inspection of bearing house foundation bolts 
  • Evaluation of integral dynamic condition of the drive-fan group 
  • Verifying when the problem started by going through the operation and maintenance log 
  • Analysing the situation to establish the optimal remedial procedure 
  • Evaluation of collateral damage on various components

How it works

There are acceptable levels of vibration for the fan running at different speeds; these vibrations have a specific sound, and create a unique linear pattern in the spectrum. The pattern is disrupted when there is damage in the fan, and our technicians can identify the root cause – like imbalance, misalignment, bearing problems, etc. If they feel that urgent action has to be taken, they will make such a recommendation; otherwise, they may recommend that it can wait till the scheduled maintenance service. 

We conduct vibration analysis on frequency spectrum and time waveform. Time domain analysis can help identify the type and severity of the vibration abnormality, and helps in evaluating the condition of the centrifugal fan. 

Our technicians take measures on all the flat and rolling bearings in a safe manner, along with horizontal, axial, and vertical directions of the rotor supports. 

Why Choose Technomax for Centrifugal Fan Vibration Analysis?

Over a decade, we have been able to build our own capabilities to cater to the different types of maintenance requirements across our various customer operations. Our team comprises of Cat IV & Cat III certified engineers in vibration analysis and related condition monitoring techniques with different domain exposure and expertize. In addition, we have also established strong partnerships with leading OEM’s that are specialized in providing predictive/preventive maintenance solutions/tools. 

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