Motor Circuit Analysis

  • Alternating Current Field Measurement
  • Polarization and Depolarization Current Analysis
  • Tan Delta and Capacitance Analysis
  • Partial Discharge Analysis
  • Stator Winding Resistance Measurement

TECHNOMAX’s Motor Circuit Analysis services equip you with capabilities to comprehensively test motor systems. These de-energized testing processes can accurately assess motor health and detect winding faults.

Motor Circuit Analysis services from TECHNOMAX go beyond traditional insulation tests, which only diagnose ground faults. Our team’s capabilities include troubleshooting of three-phase, single-phase, and DC motors with the aid of Motor Circuit Analysis.

Alternating Current Field Measurement

Effortlessly locate surface cracks in metals and welds using TECHNOMAX’s Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) capabilities. Leverage the power of ACFM’s non-contact electromagnetic techniques to inspect painted surfaces, rusted components, underwater equipment, or for elevated temperature use cases.

Seamlessly detect and size the ends of defects with TECHNOMAX’s cost-effective ACFM services. These capabilities are also ideal for corrosion detection in Power Generation, Maritime, or Oil & Gas requirements.

Polarization and Depolarization Current Analysis

Assess dielectric degradation levels in transformers with TECHNOMAX’s Polarization and Depolarization Current (PDC) Analysis. Utilize our PDC Analysis services for comprehensive condition assessment and monitoring of transformer insulation.

TECHNOMAX’s non-destructive PDC Analysis services can also be used for condition monitoring of rotating generators, bushings, and cables. Ping us to explore how PDC analysis can prevent the impending point of failures in your critical HV installations.

Tan Delta and Capacitance Analysis

Ensure optimal HV system reliability with TECHNOMAX’s Tan Delta and Capacitance Analysis services portfolio. Our highly skilled technicians can help you monitor insulation breakdown in generators, transformers, and HT cabling.

Avoid expensive outages with the help of accurate life expectancy calculations using TECHNOMAX’s Tan Delta and Capacitance Analysis offerings. Consult our industry veterans today to design a custom-fit plan that meets your condition monitoring needs.

 Partial Discharge Analysis

Extend the life of critical electrical infrastructure with Partial Discharge Analysis services from TECHNOMAX. Improve overall reliability with partial discharge monitoring schedules that meet your specific requirements.

Accurately estimate maintenance intervals with the help of TECHNOMAX’s Partial Discharge Analysis offerings. Talk to us today to learn more about how Partial Discharge Analysis can be a right fit for your predictive maintenance program.

Stator Winding Resistance Measurement

Proactively identify faults in electric motors and generators with TECHNOMAX’s Stator Winding Resistance Measurement services. Access intensive insights into motor health to help your team create highly customized predictive maintenance schedules. 

TECHNOMAX’s Stator Winding Resistance Measurement services ensure timely discovery of issues such as shorted coils and connection issues that result in equipment failures. Contact us today to learn more about how your team can ensure the peak performance of motors.

Why opt for TECHNOMAX?

Optimal health of electrical infrastructure is critical to ensure plant safety and operations efficiency. Unplanned downtime can often be traced back to preventable electrical issues like undetected deterioration, hidden hotspots, short circuits, and hazardous environmental conditions.

Calendar-based maintenance schedules often fail to address such concerns. This is where predictive maintenance ensures the high availability of industry spec electrical systems and cabling.

Predictive maintenance of electrical infrastructure requires optimal condition monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. TECHNOMAX’s Electrical Inspection and Monitoring services are a direct offshoot of this business need. Our talent pool of highly skilled Electrical Engineers and Instrumentation Inspectors can cater to your every requirement.

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