Advantages of condition monitoring in vessels

  • The ship crew would be well prepared to arrange their maintenance schedule to reduce or even eliminate overhead costs.
  • Stocks and spare parts inventories will be reduced because parts that are normally required during machinery failures will not need to be requested ahead of time.
  • The technique ensures that machinery or equipment performs at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and, as a result, lowering operational costs.
  • Intends to extend the component’s shelf life, making it last longer and function better.
  • Unexpected machinery breakdowns are less likely to occur.
  • Reduce the amount of money you spend on maintenance, repairs, and other related expenses.
  • Prevents the ship’s crew from being overworked. Such tactics, in reality, boost staff morale by making them aware of the equipment’s current state and future condition.
  • The maintenance plan’s proactive approach encourages and develops a safe working culture onboard.
  • Ensures an environmentally friendly working environment with reduced energy usage and a high level of environmental protection.

How does it work?


On board ships with a small crew, time management, maximising available resources, and prioritising vital activities are critical to the vessel’s successful operation. As a result, a growing number of ship owners, fleet managers, and on board ships engineers are using condition monitoring to detect defects and wear early on, avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Condition-based monitoring simplifies the job even further by allowing the task to be accomplished with minimal intervention when the machinery is in normal operation. We look for structural and mechanical problems, as well as a change in the lubricating oil in the most vital gears. Technomax determines a method by examining and mapping the ship’s vital machinery, then sets measuring stations and trend data. The data will then be validated and interpreted by Technomax’s certified and experienced analyst. We also prepare customised reports for clients highlighting the issues that will be provided, along with suggestions for how to proceed with repairs and maintenance measures.

Our condition monitoring in vessel services

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