Benefits of Torsional Vibration Analysis

  • Torsional vibration analysis helps in ensuring that all equipment and machinery is reliable and safe.
  • The software identifies inter-component interaction, which aids in evaluating the system and its functionality
  • Campbell diagram can be generated to pinpoint the precise resonance point
  • Stress analysis helps in evaluation of the powertrain more accurately against failure of torsional timbre
  • Torsional vibration measurements help engineers in understanding the intricacies of the rotating machinery or equipment, allowing them to fix problems and certify its performance.

How is Torsional Analysis Done at Technomax?

  • The Technomax team conducts torsional analysis at starting, shutdown, and across multiple operational conditions. They use a  torsiograph, laser vibrometer or encoder to help establish the angular oscillation and velocity.
  • They use time waveforms to record maximum torque during events like forced shutdown, synchronous startup etc.; these measurements are then compared to the coupling’s rating.
  • Adequate sampling rates are used to record the data, and FFT is used to check the signal’s frequency content.
  • Next, they change the speed of operation and create a waterfall plot to ascertain the TNFs. This can be performed during an unloaded coast down test or sluggish startup.
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