Benefits of operating deflection shape

  • Makes it easier to figure out what changes are required.
  • Determine where further assistance is required to reduce operational forces. As a result, we've been able to bring the vibration down to an acceptable level.
  • The results of the inspection will allow the system to run more smoothly and with less stress and fatigue.
  • They depict the mechanical system's relative movement in real-world scenarios.
  • You may rest assured that all of your devices will meet international requirements and standards.
  • Reduces the need for unnecessary equipment replacements and adjustments.

How does our ODS service work?


Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis is a precise and technical way of viewing the vibration pattern of a machine or structure as influenced by its own operating forces. Due to the capacity to directly observe flaws in 3D, ODS is one of the fastest and most adaptable new inspection techniques. It is useful in producing trustworthy dynamic analysis.

The ODS professional from Technomax will start by inspecting and measuring the complete piece of equipment that needs to be studied, taking vibration and phase measurements at all points in relation to the machine’s operational mechanical frequency. Then, using high-end ODS analysis software, we create a model in which we apply all of the observed parameters to the appropriate places, as well as other elements, to make it as realistic as possible. The animation model will then be generated and evaluated for abnormalities in vibration amplitude at any of the defined locations and will be scrutinized with acceptable limits. The experts from Technomax examine the created report and provide the client with additional recommendations and metrics for resolving the issue.

When to use ODS analysis

  • When standard analysis fails to answer the problem.
  • When you want to see how the system performs in its surroundings, which may include other machines.
  • ODS analysis can be utilized to figure out what’s causing the excessive vibration and/or structural stress.
  • To determine whether resonance or critical speed was effecting during normal steady-state operation.
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