The Benefits of Motor Vibration Analysis

  • Motor vibration analysis performed by Technomax helps in detecting and resolving motor faults.
  • It provides us with detailed information about the root cause of the machine faults.
  • This analysis helps us in planning the required maintenance and repairs.
  • It aids in saving production costs and valuable time.
  • Regular and necessary maintenance with the help of motor vibration analysis can result in long-lasting machine life.

How Is the Motor Vibration Analysis Done at Technomax?

  • In condition monitoring methods, such as vibration analysis, we use the level and frequency of the vibration of the motor to detect and resolve the issues. As not all vibrations of the machinery indicate faults and defects, it’s essential to create a baseline for the vibration spectrum.
  • Once the vibration signals are digitized, the next step is to convert the vibration spectrum into frequency space.
  • In the motor vibration analysis, we observe various types of vibration peaks, such as synchronous vibration peaks, asynchronous vibration peaks, and sub-synchronous vibration peaks. These signal characteristics help us detect and determine the malfunctions and faults of the machinery.
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