Benefits of Gearbox Vibration Analysis

  • Gearbox vibration analysis conducted by Technomax helps in identifying and resolving gearbox faults.
  • It allows the technicians to understand the underlying cause of the damage – misalignment, extreme wear or backlash, overload, high friction, broken teeth, or assembly/manufacturing defects.
  • Early detection of potential problems allows management to plan and schedule maintenance and servicing of equipment, like conducting oil analysis, improving quality control measures, etc.
  • This translates into significant time and cost savings, and uninterrupted flow of work.
  • You can extend the life of the equipment by ensuring no damage to the gearbox.

How is Gearbox Vibration Analysis Done at Technomax?

  • In predictive maintenance methods like gearbox vibration analysis, our engineers check the level and frequency of the vibration of the gears to identify and fix problems. Some vibrations are normal, even expected. A baseline of the vibration spectrum is established so that the abnormal vibrations can be pointed out easily.
  • Next, the vibration signals are expressed in digital form, and then converted into frequency spectrum to analyze machinery defects
  • In gearbox vibration analysis, different kinds of complicated vibration signals are observed, with some of them being random noise, some inherent operating frequencies, and some are failure frequencies. There is increased amplitude in the sidebands; the differences in the amplitude tell the engineers what the exact problem is.
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