Total Solid Measurement - Valmet TS

  • The Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS) empowers users to regulate and tackle total solids using advanced microwave technology.
  • Attain complete control over wastewater processes by leveraging continuous, real-time total solids measurements.
  • Quick response to changing processes and maintaining alignment with ideal total solids target.
  • Save time using straightforward, dependable, and entirely maintenance-free measurements.

Low Solids Measurements - LS

The Valmet LS helps to select the right type and amount of polymer at sludge dewatering. The main attributes of Valmet LS are as follows:

  • Maximising polymer dosing efficiency and generating cost savings through real-time centrate solids data.
  • Effective supervision of wastewater treatment capacity, by refining the dewatering process.
  • Understanding the ideal polymer type through comprehensive online testing at full scale.
  • Replacing the need for manual sampling and laboratory tests with a streamlined approach. 

Measuring suspended solids in filtrate and centrate has long been a challenging endeavour. The low solids content in process water, often full of debris, phosphate build-up (struvite), and foam, presents a formidable hurdle to achieving accurate and consistent measurement. The Valmet Low Solids Measurement is a solution that adeptly overcomes these complexities.

Dry Solids Measurement - DS

Designed for dried wastewater sludge or dry cake optimisation, the Valmet Dry Solids Measurement provides accurate online measurements, leading to significant savings opportunities. The primary characteristics of Valmet DS involve: 

  • Reduce expenses related to transporting dry cake and fuel while maximising total solids.
  • Optimise the dewatering process to enhance efficiency and save energy.
  • Improve subsequent processing of dry cake through optimised cake solids.
  • Substantially decrease polymer consumption by refining dosage and centrifuge torque.

Valmet DS employs safe microwave technology to provide stable and precise solids measurement, facilitating effective dewatering control within wastewater treatment.

High Solids Measurements -HS

The Valmet High-Solids Measurement gives stable and accurate consistency using advanced microwave technology. Valmet HS is distinguished by its core traits, such as:

  • Energy efficiency and reducing side fuel usage by refining drying processes in biogas and incineration plants.
  • Fine-tune chemical dosing and process configurations to elevate solid content, minimising transportation expenses.
  • Achieve precise consistency control across various challenging industrial applications.

Using precise dry solids measurements from Valmet-HS can help control system diverse applications, leading to energy savings, decreased chemical usage, and enhanced sustainability.

Sludge Dewatering Optimiser - Valmet SDO

The Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimiser (Valmet SDO) represents an advanced control application for sludge dewatering; when combined with Valmet Wastewater Measurements, Valmet SDO transforms precise measurements into process improvements, resulting in substantial savings. Notable aspects of Valmet SDO encompass:

  • Optimise operations round the clock while reducing reliance on laboratory sampling.
  • Minimise polymer consumption through ongoing feedback on dosing efficiency.
  • Decrease energy consumption costs for drying, incineration and transportation.

Valmet SDO employs multivariable model predictive control (MPC) to oversee polymer dosing and centrifuge torque. Furthermore, it stabilises the sludge mass flow directed to the centrifuge.


Valmet Nove and Nove H, the Consistency and High Consistency Samplers from Valmet, are extensively employed by pulp and paper mills globally, providing reliable samples for laboratory analysis. Core characteristics of samplers include: 

  • Exceptional repeatability – Inherent resilience to fluctuations in flow and operator-based sampling
  • Safe and secure sampling – Specifically engineered for safe collection in challenging environments.
  • Automated functionality – Facilitates seamless automatic synchronisation of sampling operations.

The design of Valmet Nove and Nove H, coupled with a built-in flushing feature, guarantees consistent and representative sampling over time. These samplers remain unaffected by flow fluctuations and are crafted to minimise variations arising from operator sampling techniques.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions from Technomax

Technomax is a well-established supplier of equipment and engineering services in the Middle East and GCC region. We have served leading companies in various sectors like oil and gas, petrochemicals, marine, infrastructure, and engineering industries for over 18 years.  Technomax is very selective when choosing products from pioneering manufacturers, ensuring they adhere to strict quality standards.

We are proud to be an approved distributor of  Valmet’s products and services. Valmet is a global developer and supplier of certified process technologies, automation systems, and services for solid measurements and other wastewater treatment solutions. At Technomax, our top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction and deliver top-notch services.

Technomax offers an extensive range of carefully selected high-quality products and accessories to meet the diverse demands of our clients. In addition to being a supplier, we are known for our condition monitoring services, such as vibration analysis, laser shaft alignments, partial discharge testing, infrared thermography testing, and more. Our goal is to provide tailored turnkey solutions to support the industrial sector.


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