Applications Of Sonascreen Acoustic Cameras


Leak Detection

  • – Broadband ultrasound
  • – Adjustable bandpass filter to adapt to industrial environments with disturbing ultrasound
  • – Show multiple leaks in one image
  • – Reporting software for complete leak detection audits
  • – Provide a gross loss estimation

Partial Discharge Detection

  • – Detect partial discharge in the ultrasonic range
  • – Recognize typical forms of partial discharge testing in the spectrogram
  • – Show multiple partial discharges in one image

Technomax is represented as the distributor of Sonascreen acoustic cameras in UAE. With more than 17 years of presence, we have evolved into a leading distributor of Sonotec products and services. For all your partial discharge testing and monitoring needs, Technomax is well-equipped to offer tailored solutions that align with your requirements.

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