IPEC Products

  • Online PD Instruments
  • PD-SGS (Online Partial Discharge Spot Tester)
  • PD Detector (Online Partial Discharge Detector with Data Synchronisation)
  • PD-SG1 (Portable Switchgear Partial Discharge Testing and Location)
  • Cable PD Testing Instruments
  • EHV-PDM (Fibre linked EHV and Distribute Assets PD Monitoring)
  • PD Sensors

Online PD Instruments

IPEC is the go-to name when it comes to the design and manufacture of PD monitoring and testing solutions for the power industry. The company developed high-quality PD instruments using their market-leading technology to accurately detect, quantify and locate defects in MV switchgear and accessories via TEV and Ultrasonic sensors. IPEC offers a range of online PD instruments, including PD-SGS (Online Partial Discharge Spot Tester), PD Detector (Online Partial Discharge Detector with Data Synchronisation), and PD-SG1 (Portable Switchgear Partial Discharge Testing and Location).


Cable PD Testing Instruments

By providing innovative and dependable cable PD testing instruments to customers worldwide, IPEC became a provider of choice in safeguarding power networks. The firm offers an online PD spot testing and PD location system, known as PrecisePD, an easy to use instrument for a routine operation to detect PD in cables (up to 4km in length) and switchgear. With advanced signal processing, IPEC’s portable cable PD testing instrument precisely locates and pinpoints the source of discharge on a cable, thereby detecting PD in high noise environments.

Permanent PD Monitoring

Designed by IPEC Ltd, the range of online PD monitoring systems for MV switchgear and MV, HV and EHV cables takes advantage of IPEC’s expertise and decades of field experience. IPEC’s range of PD monitoring systems includes ASM (Online Partial Discharge Permanent Monitoring), PD Alarm (Permanent Monitoring for Switchgear), ASM-P (Portable Partial Discharge Monitoring), and EHV-PDM (Fibre linked EHV and Distribute Assets PD Monitoring). Through IPEC’s online PD monitoring systems, clients can get live asset condition data during operational network conditions at the touch of a button.


PD Sensors

AA Ultrasonic, CC-TEV Capacitive Coupler, High-Frequency Current Transformer (HFCT) and Ultra High-Frequency Sensor (UHF) are the range of PD sensors manufactured by IPEC. Being the experts in Online PD testing, the firm designed the sensors to be non-intrusive and retrofitted to existing equipment. The IPEC’s sensors ensure high safety, long life, easy installation and wide application.

Why Choose Technomax

Technomax is a leading name in trading, stocking, and distributing engineering products. As an industry expert, we deliver quality products and services for the industry sector professionally and within the time requirements of our customers. We have a stellar reputation for exceptional customer service and technical wherewithal.

Being the most preferred source for material procurement and maintenance services for our customers, Technomax has been solely stocks and distributes products manufactured by the top reputed companies with a proven track record. Having over 15 years of time-tested experience in the industry, we have built strong relationships as an authorised distributor or channel partner for the region with many of the industry’s preeminent names, including IPEC, SONOTEC, Flowrox, IRISS and more.

Technomax has been one of the leading distributors of IPEC’s PD testing and monitoring instruments in the UAE since 2005. IPEC has built a reputation for reliable, high performance and superior quality online PD testing instruments. Technomax and IPEC have a long-established distributor partnership, which means you do not have to look far to source IPEC’s PD testing and monitoring solutions. Their range of products includes Portable Switchgear PD Testing Instruments, Cable PD Testing Systems, Permanent PD Monitoring for MV, HV and EHV systems, and a range of PD Sensors. Moreover, our expert team is on-hand to provide installation assistance for the products and solutions offered by them.

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