Fluid Analysis Testing in UAE
Fluid Analysis Testing in UAE

Why Perform Fluid Analysis:

Fluid analysis, sometimes known as fluid analysis, is an analysis process, that runs several tests, generates a report, and observes the results.

One of the reasons for doing fluid analysis is to understand the fluid condition, but it is also meant to help the machine's state from which the fluid sample was taken. Technomax provides complete and accurate fluid analysis testing in the UAE.

 There are three main categories of fluid analysis


Fluid Analysis Testing in UAE

1. Properties of fluids

2. Contamination

3. Wear of debris

Fluid properties:

In the Fluid analysis process, the main objective is to identify the current physical and chemical state of the fluid and define its residual life on the machine. Upon completing the fluid analysis testing in UAE, you will receive answers to the following questions.

1. Does the sample match the specified fluid identification?

2. Is the fluid correct to use?

3. Are the correct additives active?

4. Are the additives exhausted?

5. Has the viscosity changed from the expected viscosity? If so, why?

6. What is the fluid rule?

7. What is the percentage of contamination in the fluid?


By detecting the presence of destructive contaminants and limiting their likely sources, fluid analysis testing in the UAE can help answer questions such as

1. Clean fluid or not?

2. What are the types of fluid contaminants?

3. Where do the contaminants come from?

4. Are there any signs of other types of lubricants?

5. Are there any signs of internal leaks?

Wear Debris Test:

This form of fluid analysis testing in UAE is concerned with determining the presence and identification of particles produced due to mechanical wear, corrosion, or other degradation of the machine's surface. Answers wear-related questions, including

1. Is the machine degrading abnormally?

2. Are wear residues produced?

3. Which internal component is likely to wear out?

4. What is the wear pattern and the cause?

5. How bad is the condition of use?

 You need to know if actions need to be taken to keep the machine healthy and extend the fluid life. At Technomax, which is considered the best provider of fluid analysis testing in UAE, all fluid tests are performed by our team of experienced engineers, who have extensive knowledge and experience in analysis. Different types of devices, equipment, and machines.

At Technomax, these tests are carried out to increase the life of your machinery, testing the fluid or fluid inside it.

Fluid samples are collected very carefully, and test results are tracked. The lab team interprets the data in the best possible way, but without the crucial details of the machine, a diagnosis or prognosis may be inaccurate. Some of these critical details include,

1. The environmental conditions of the machine (extreme temperatures, high humidity, high vibrations, etc.)

2. The original component (steam turbine, pump, etc.), brand, model, and type of fluid currently in use

3. The ID of the permanent component and the exact location of the sample port

4. Appropriate sampling procedures to confirm a consistently representative sample

5. Any fluid changes or replacement fluid additions, as well as the amount of replacement fluid since the last fluid change

6. If filter carts were used between fluid samples

7. Total execution time of the sampled component since it was purchased or revised

8. Total fluid life since the last change

9. Any other unusual or noteworthy activity involving the machine that may affect lubricant changes

Interpreting fluid analysis testing in UAE analysis reports can be difficult for an inexperienced person, which is why we have a team of experts who can analyze all of your machine's fluid test reports for you and provide accurate results.

What are the significant factors to be considered while reviewing a fluid analysis report?

1. Read and check the fluid type and machine type data for accuracy.

2. Verify that baseline data is shown for new fluid conditions and that trending information is at an inclusive frequency (preferably consistent).

3. Check the measured viscosity.

4. Check the elemental wear data and compare it with the reference and trend data. Use a wear debris atlas to match items to their possible origin.

5. Check the elementary additive data and compare them with the reference and trend data. Use a wear debris atlas to match items to their possible origin.

6. Check the elemental contamination data and the particle counts and compare them with the reference and trend data. Use a wear debris atlas to match items to their possible origin.

7. Check the moisture/water levels and compare them with reference and trend data.

8. Check acid numbers and base numbers and compare them with reference and trend data.

9. Check other analyzed data, such as FTIR oxidation levels, flash points, etc. are the important factors while considering fluid analysis testing in UAE. These are some significant factors while doing fluid analysis testing in the UAE.

Compare all groups of data that are going to unacceptable levels and justify them based on these trends. Compare the results and written recommendations with known fluid and machine information, such as recent changes in environmental or operating conditions or recent fluid changes/filtration. Review the alarm limits and make changes based on the new information.

Generally, the fluid analysis report comes with a written summary where results and recommendations are written in simple words. However, as the lab has never seen the machine or knows its entire history, these recommended actions are generic and do not fit individual circumstances. Therefore, the plant personnel's responsibility is to receive the laboratory report to take appropriate measures based on all known facts about the machine, the environment, and recent lubrication activities performed. Contact us for the most accurate fluid analysis testing in UAE. To Know about more services

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