Dynamic Balancing Services in UAE
dynamic balancing services


Dynamic Balancing Services in UAE

When an unbalance is generated in machinery, mainly due to wear and tear/ Dirt accumulation on the impeller, it causes adverse effects on the vibration characteristics of the machine which sometimes might be monstrous and can end up in a catastrophic failure.

Dynamic balancing is carried out to reduce the unbalanced force created in the impeller/ Rotating part, by adding counterweights opposite to the residual unbalance generated or by removing the residual unbalance by removing weight on the same side and bringing back the machinery to healthier operating condition in terms of vibration and smooth operation.

At Technomax Middle East Engineering LLC, We provide Dynamic Balancing and Insitu Dynamic Balancing services for rotating machinery with various clientele in UAE. Whether you are a service company who do overhauling of an impeller or from a process or production industry, our team of experienced professionals can give the best solutions in fulfilling your precision balancing needs.

Rotating machinery like fans, blowers, turbines, generators, engines, etc., which operate in high pressure and temperature ranges often tend to wear & tear periodically and need to be balanced on maintenance schedules to keep vibration levels under acceptable limits.

Dynamic balancing of an impeller or any other related machinery component improves the vibration levels of the overall component which in turn reduces power consumption, improves bearing life, and also the overall reliability of the machine.

Residual unbalance can be of three types- static, dynamic & couple unbalance. Dynamic balancing can be carried out in two ways- Single plane or Dual/Multi-plane Balancing. In case of a couple of unbalances, it will be required to have two planes for balancing the machine and to reduce vibration amplitudes to acceptable limits.

What Is Dynamic Field Balancing?

Dynamic field balancing is a balancing machine that requires rapidly rotating parts and using electronic equipment to calculate the imbalance. The vibration can then be minimized by correcting the imbalance determined by adding or subtracting the rotating components’ weight.

An imbalance in rotation induces an exponentially - centrifugal force, which causes a system to become gradually out of equilibrium, ultimately resulting in failure or breakdown. If no other external forces are applied, balancing precisely calibrated counterweights allows a rotation to remain dynamically balanced indefinitely.

Why is Dynamic Balancing so crucial?

1. To increase the service life:

Bearings, seals, housings, and foundations can be subjected to very high stresses caused by vibrations deriving from Hydraulic Forces and Aerodynamic Forces.

2. To ensure safety:

Vibrations can reduce the frictional tightness of the bolts until components get loose and also cause foundation cracks which will cause longer machine outage/downtime. unbalance can substantially reduce the operational safety of a machine; Both man and machine are at risk.

3. To maintain quality:

In manufacturing industries, high vibration will have a substantial adverse effect on the result of machine tool manufacturing. A high-speed grinding machine or woodworking machine produces messy work and creates more tailings.

4. Outperform the competition:

Irregular and noisy operation is always used as a quality evaluation criterion. Therefore, vibrations can have a substantial adverse effect on the competitiveness of a product: a high-vibration appliance and a noisy car are products that will not be successful on the market. We take care of all these crucial factors and are providing the best solutions for Dynamic Balancing Service requirements in the UAE.

5. Balancing solutions:

The Best Dynamic Balancing Service provider in UAE provides rotor balancing solutions, ID Fans, Raw Mill Fans, Pumps,  Diesel Engine generators, crankshaft or turbochargers, and other turbomachinery.

6. Diagnosis of the machine with FFT:

Machinery imbalance can be easily identified from a general vibration survey and phase measurements, Our experienced team can visit your plant to inspect the machine and Diagnose the requirement and severity of the unbalance before taking the machine out for balancing

Benefits of Dynamic Field Balancing

The first thing to remember is that unbalance is the most common cause of failure in any rotating machinery, but particularly in an electric motor. This can happen even after repairs have been made, such as replacing parts that have become faulty due to imbalance issues. Instability problems trigger excess vibration.

If the root cause of the vibration is not resolved with dynamic field balancing, the repair component will most likely fail again because the system is already out of balance. Some of the benefits of dynamic field balancing include-

  1. Bearings are the most vulnerable parts of an electrical motor to vibration damage, so eliminating excess vibration by dynamic field balancing can significantly extend the life of your motor bearings.
  2. Excessive vibration produces noise, which, depending on the motor’s size, can be very loud.
  3. When a computer vibrates in an unintended manner, something must withstand the vibrations, which is usually the electric motor framework. Increased structural stress can lead to motor failure or even permanent damage.
  4. Operating an unbalanced motor incurs extra costs that you may not have expected. Not only will you have to hold and maintain auxiliary electric motors as replacements in the event of a malfunction, but you'll also have to factor in other costs. To perform the same tasks as a well-balanced electric motor, unbalanced motors can need more energy. Excess heat can be produced by the vibration, which must be handled in the plant.
  5. Electrical motors that are well-balanced are therefore much better than those that are unbalanced. Unbalanced motors may fail suddenly for any of the reasons mentioned above, resulting in injuries to equipment operators or other plant workers. The increased vibration and noise can cause hearing problems and operator fatigue, which can reduce worker productivity and make them more vulnerable to making mistakes that lead to accidents.
  6. Electric motors that are well-balanced are less likely to malfunction, resulting in less unplanned downtime in your store. Unplanned downtime results in production delays due to the need to remove damaged equipment for repair, purchase/pull another motor from storage, and get the new motor up and running.
    • Motors that are well-balanced last longer and require fewer repairs than unbalanced motors. As equipment runs smoothly, it produces less noise, which can reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity.

Importance of Dynamic Field Balancing

Dynamic balancing will help ensure that the parts are operating properly.

  1. Removing dirt build-up will help remove the excess dirt that accumulates in the motor with constant use.
  2. Impeller erosion- The impeller increases the fluid’s velocity and pressure while also directing it toward the pump outlet. The pump casing is designed to constrict fluid entering the pump, guide it into the impeller, and then slow and control it before discharge.
  3. Internal corrosion of components- dynamic field balancing also prevents the corrosion of the motor’s parts and components from being used for a longer period.
  4. Imperfections, voids, and inclusions in the casting- 
  5. Mismatched key lengths and keyways
  6. Mechanical and thermal distortion
  7. Due to loose parts or badly tapered hub fits, the mass of the vehicle is shifting.
  8. Previous attempts at balance have failed.
  9. The parts haven't been put together correctly.
  10. Noise reduction- A quiet electric motor is well-balanced. One of the first symptoms of a problem is noise. Vibration causes excessive noise, and if left unattended, vibration exacerbates the problem. Furthermore, noise can irritate or exhaust the operator or others at the workplace, resulting in lost productivity.
  11. Vibration reduction/elimination is a term used to describe the method of minimising or removing vibrations.
  12. Improved performance

Dynamic Balancing Services By Technomax

Accurate balancing is mandatory for the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of rotating devices. Whether you are dealing with a turbine in a power plant, a fan in a chemical plant, an armature for an electric motor, or a roll in a paper mill, all rotors must be balanced as accurately as possible to ensure optimum performance. In its application and the applicable balance, quality standards. Contact us 24*7 at any time to pursue Dynamic Balancing Services in UAE.

Rotating parts of machines should be free of vibration to ensure their smooth operation and long service life. Reducing your machinery’s vibration depends on various variables, including a smooth rotating shaft, good bearing condition, and proper lubrication. Still, one of the most effective ways to guarantee vibration-free activity is by symmetrical mass distribution. Even though designers aim to make machines as symmetrical as possible, all rotating bodies have weight asymmetries along the axis of rotation, which induces vibration.

Vibrations make the machine noisier and shorten the life of its components, especially the bearings. Vibration can also cause structural fatigue stress, and excessive vibration can result in unsafe operating conditions due to catastrophic failures that occur unexpectedly. Motors and generators with dynamic field balancing can work better and more effectively for longer periods. By - noise, mitigating vibrations, and eliminating the possibility of dangerous, catastrophic failures, balancing would improve machine operators’ working environment. Technomax also offers vibration analysis, lube oil analysis, laser shaft alignment, and much more

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