Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE
Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE

What is Vibration Analysis Testing?

Vibration analysis is a process that monitors the levels and patterns of vibration signals within a device, machine or facility, to detect abnormal vibration events that occur within the engine to assess the condition of the object to be tested. Vibration analysis is defined as a process of measuring the vibration levels of a machine or device and, based on this information, analyzing how healthy the machines and their components are. The internal mechanism used to calculate various forms of vibration can be complicated. It all starts with the use of an accelerometer to measure pulse. This process made easy in Technomax, which provides authentic Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE. Whenever a machine is running, it produces vibrations. The accelerometer connected with the device generates an output voltage signal that corresponds to the vibration and the frequency of vibration that the machine is creating.

Vibration Analysis Testing Process:

Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE
Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE

The output data collected goes directly to a data collector (software), which records the signal as amplitude versus time (known as a time waveform), amplitude versus frequency (known as a fast Fourier transform) or both. This data is then analyzed by different computer program algorithms, which trained professionals or vibration analysts to examine the machine's health and identify possible impending problems, such as loosening, imbalance, misalignment, lubrication issues and more. Vibration analysis can detect imbalance, bearing failures, mechanical loosening, misalignment, resonance and natural frequencies, electric motor failures, bent shafts, gearbox failures, gap or bubbles (cavitation) in pumps, critical speeds. This is one of the method performed during Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE

Technomax your Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE:

Although accelerometers are still the most common tool used to collect vibration data, modern technology and improved sensor technology have enabled high-speed, non-contact laser sensors to detect problems that accelerometers cannot. This allows for more precise and localized analysis and opens up vibration analysis to more methodology. Vibration analysis is generally divided into four principles, each of which provides specific information on the working conditions and characteristics of the vibrating parts.

Vibration measurement categories

General Vibration Level: You can think of controlling the general vibration level as a "rough check" on a machine. Feeling a device with your hand makes it possible to determine an overall sensation if it is operating over a wide range of frequencies. This initial control is optimal on rotating machines, incredibly high-speed machines. It is generally not applicable to alternative devices.

Spectral Vibration Analysis: It transforms a signal from the time domain to the frequency domain. It is usually done using FFT. All these methods are followed by Technomax, which provides affordable Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE.

Discrete Frequency Monitoring system: to monitor a specific component within a machine, Discrete Frequency Monitoring measures the level of vibration generated at a particular frequency that the element is supposed to create. 

Shock pulse monitoring: Shock Pulse Monitoring is a predictive maintenance technique that monitors rolling bearings with a handheld tool.

Kurtosis Measurement: Kurtosis provides a measure of the "strength" of a random signal. Signals with a higher kurtosis value have more significant peaks than three times the mean square root (RMS) value of the signal. Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE is one of the condition monitoring service provided by Technomax.

Signal averaging: As signals change over time, signal averaging is vital in spectrum analysis because it determines the signal level at each frequency. It is essential for low-frequency measurements because it takes a longer average time to get a statistically accurate estimate of the spectrum. Signal averaging is often used to monitor a gear concerning its rotational speed.

Advantages of continuous vibration monitoring:

The methods and tools discussed are used to determne what's wrong with equipment or machinery but can also be used to detect problems before they cause a significant issue. The use of vibration analysis and monitoring allows you to quantitatively observe structural weakness, loosening of the rotating component, and the presence of resonance if any. We provide every solution in your Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE.

When implemented correctly, continuous vibration monitoring helps optimize machine performance. With modern technologies, it is possible to take constant vibration readings on various devices in real-time and have the data sent directly to your smartphone, tablet or desktop via the cloud.

Monitor Critical Equipment: Critical equipment is any piece of equipment or machine that can cause a significant financial blow in the event of a malfunction. Continuous vibration monitoring helps detect discrepancies in the vibration spectrum, revealing lubrication problems and bearing defects long before significant problems arise. Technomax has an excellent track record of Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE.

Monitoring of widely used equipment: many systems operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, interrupting only monthly or quarterly for routine maintenance. Stopping more than that can cost the plant a significant amount of money. Continuous online vibration monitoring helps monitor the condition of heavily used or complex machines and sends alerts when the state changes.

Monitor hard-to-reach equipment: It isn't easy to maintain equipment located in hard-to-reach places. Roofing machines, cooling towers and those operating in high-temperature areas can be continuously monitored for vibration anomalies, allowing maintenance to be carried out at the appropriate time. This avoids unplanned downtime and prevents maintenance personnel from unnecessarily accessing these locations. Feel free to contact us for Vibrational Analysis Testing in UAE.

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