Available valves and their features

  • Ball valves

    Ball valves are quick and easy to install as they are light. These valves can maintain and regulate high pressure, high volume, and high-temperature flow and are simple to use. Ball valves don't require any lubrication and provide a bubble-tight seal with less torque. They have a longer service life and are less likely to be damaged than other valve types.
  • Check valves

    Capable of dealing with a variety of flow conditions. These valves can keep chemicals from flowing backwards and do an excellent job of maintaining pressure. The majority of them can be used both horizontally and vertically
  • Globe valves

    Globe valves have a structure that is simple and easy to maintain and have an exceptional shutdown capability. Their throttling ability goes from moderate to excellent. They also offer good sealing, a long service life, and have less friction between the sealing surfaces.

Why choose Technomax for Samsung Precision Products?


World wide Presence 

Thanks to our dedicated team and esteemed clients, we established ourselves as the leading name in the Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council. In the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, and Saudi Arabia, we have substantially impacted the oil and gas, petrochemical, maritime, infrastructure, and other industrial sectors. Over the previous 15 years, we’ve grown as an Authorised Distributor and Engineering Services Provider for significant product manufacturers. By forming sourcing and logistical partners in several trading centres across the world, we have reinforced our position in the Trade and Distribution line of business.

Fire protection

Since SAMSUNG Precision Co Ltd is a global distributor with a large network of distributors, the ball valve was designed to fulfil international criteria. The testing procedure is done per ISO 10497. When requested, certification can be offered for those who have passed a fire test. Non-metallic soft goods, such as elastomer seats, seals, bearings, back seats, packing, and gaskets, are cremated when a fire occurs near a valve site. On the other hand, the ball valve has enough metal-to-metal sealing in essential valve locations to prevent external or internal leakage.

Superior Customer Satisfaction

We make every effort to ensure that you have a great experience with our technology and service. Our service engineers are highly qualified and experienced in taking precise measurements and metering needs. As a result, we can provide solutions that are suited to your individual needs.

Innovative Design 

Samsung Precision Co Ltd has been manufacturing valves for almost 39 years, starting in 1982. Since then, they have been developing and designing valves that match customer requirements, and they have worked on projects all around the world, including in Saudi Arabia. They are the leading ball valve manufacturers, and Technomax has a long history of partnering with some of the industry’s leading names.

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