Infrared thermography services in UAE:
Infrared thermography services in UAE

WHAT IS Infrared thermography?

Infrared thermography is the process of using a device known as thermal imager, to detect and analyse radiation coming out from an object or device in the form of heat, by converting it to temperature and displaying an image of the temperature distribution across the device. The obtained images from the thermal imager are called "Thermograms" which are used in identifying potential equipment failures in different types of equipment. As Infrared radiation is not visible to the naked eye, problem detection requires a physical device to convert the infrared radiation to a visible form of an image. Technomax provides unmatched (IR) Infrared thermography Services in UAE.

The Thermographic Camera in the process utilizes a particular system to focus the IR energy onto an IR sensitive detector which is sensitive to radiation within the Infrared Wavelength in between 2 - 14 um.

Infrared Thermography services in UAE as Condition Monitoring Technique

Infrared thermography services in UAE
Infrared Thermography service in UAE

IR thermography is a form of non-destructive testing also known as NDT, that measures temperature variances of a component as heat (i.e. thermal radiation) flows through, from, or to that device. IR or infrared thermography is also known as IR testing, thermal testing, thermal imaging, and IR thermometry.

Since this type of radiation is a form of electromagnetic waves that cannot be seen with the human eye, components have to be tested and analysed using infrared cameras. Infrared cameras are devices that are able to detect and display emitted, reflected, and transmitted infrared energy from the desired component.

The purpose of mapping temperature levels of the desired component is to detect any hot spots where equipment may have weakened or failed or going to fail. IR thermography is also capable of detecting corrosion damage, inclusions, and other flaws that affect heat transfer in the material. However, in order to detect these anomalies, there must be a sufficient temperature difference between the component and its surroundings in the system.

First of all the detector converts the IR energy to a voltage signal, which is in turn, imaged into a TV like display. These images can be analysed to check the severity of the heat leaking from the device.

As the analysis of the Thermal Images is carried out on a computer using specialized software. As a general rule, the following temperature differentials for some electrical connections are recommended by Technomax, The Infrared Service Provider in UAE:

5 to 10°CLOWMonitorN.A.
11 to 20°CMEDIUMAs soon as possibleNext scheduled shutdown (but < 12 months)
21 to 29°CURGENTUrgent1 Month

Applications of Infrared Thermography

Applications of the Infrared Thermography at Technomax, which provides all kinds of Infrared Service in UAE, includes but not limited to Testing Electrical Systems (faulty electrical or overloaded circuits), Mechanical Equipment (bearing failures and abnormal warm motors), Fluid Systems (line blockages, pipe or fluid temperatures, tank levels), Building Applications (moisture defects, insulation defects, air infiltration, etc.), Low-Slope Roofs (identify wet roof insulation). Therefore Technomax is considered to be the best provider of Infrared thermography services in UAE. IR Thermography can be done by 2 different approaches namely active and passive, and it depends on how thermal load is applied to the object that is being tested.

The Principle behind Infrared Thermography

The infrared Thermography process is based on the object which has absorbed heat or at some temperature value higher than its surrounding environment will emit infrared radiation also known as heat flux at a different wavelength. Simply, the IR thermography method uses a thermal image scanner to process and record the heat flux which was emitted as infrared radiation. The obtained thermal image describes the distribution of the surface temperature that will detect the defects in the subsurface of the material tested. Because of the different thermal coefficients between the sample surface and the ambient surface, the heat will flow in different ways at different rates and thus results in different temperature distribution on the surface of the object with respect to the defects in the tested material. No wonder we are considered to be the best providers of Infrared thermography services in UAE.

Some of the Examples of failures in low-voltage installations include Poor connections and internal damage, internal circuit breaker faults, High resistance connections, Corroded connections, internal fuse damage. While some of the Examples of failures in high-voltage installations include Oxidation of high voltage switches, incorrectly secured connections, Overheated connections, Insulator defects in various Infrared thermography Service providers in  UAE.

Advantages of Infrared Thermography

Advantages of doing infrared thermography at Technomax which provides various Infrared thermography Services in UAE include finding out problems in the equipment or device before it finds you, the process is less expensive, Low maintenance cost, Extend the life of the component, reduced inventory base, Increase in the product quality & consistency.

Technomax- Your Partner for Infrared Thermography Services in UAE

Technomax in the Infrared thermography Services in UAE, is able to conduct infrared electrical inspections in different devices and equipment to find out different hot spots caused by defects in connections and components. Our test report contact summary of findings on the areas of excess heat resulted due to the increased resistance is used to find out problems that can be corrected before the component fails, which can cause damage to the component, creating safety hazards and loss in productivity. In electrical systems increased resistance can be caused by various factors such as component age, fatigue, oxidation, wear, loose connections, and poor installation of the device. Technomax is the world leader in providing Infrared thermography services in UAE. Some of the reasons for mechanical component inspection include Misalignment of coupled equipment, over and under lubrication of bearings, over and under the tension of belts in the system, Excessive friction in the device, Defective equipment.

Technomax provides sustainable solutions for the infrared thermography problems in UAE which comes under the condition monitoring services. Thermal imaging is an extremely useful tool for finding faults in various electrical systems. It does not require direct contact with the components which means, the components can be checked in a live state with little or no danger to the person checking the equipment, there is no bad effect on the components after the test is completed also no interruption in any ongoing process in the electrical system. In UAE Technomax has emerged as a leader of Infrared thermography services in UAE.

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