Automation Engineer

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Electrical/electronic system design based on conceptual briefs or technical requirements
  • experience in BECKHOFF TwinCAT software for designing programs, simulating and testing customers’ specific requirements,
  • Designing, developing and prototyping systems through the integration of electro-mechanical components including motors, gears, bearings, actuators, servos, etc.
  • Conduct analysis, design, and testing at the component and systems level
  • Assist in determining timelines and resource requirements for the project

Some of the skill requirements include:

  • Fundamental knowledge of analogue and digital electronic components and their applications
  • Experience with automation,
  • Knowledgeable in working with PLCs and control system,
  • Hands-on with experience in assembly and installation on-site
  •  Experience in front desk programing

Would be great to have:

  • Basic understanding of the applications of the process industry,
  • Testing and measurements,
  • Experience in working with IoT Dashboards

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