The object of ‘Condition Monitoring Services’ is to reduce the unplanned shutdown and speed loss, Extend machine life and to find the root cause of failure in your machine, reducing overall bearing and spare parts consumption. With your collaboration, we will move your company to the most efficient area of Predictive Maintenance using state of the art equipment, software and our trained experts.
Condition Monitoring Services
TECHNOMAX is covering below part of Condition Monitoring Services for their customer needs.
  • Vibration Analysis.
  • Field Balancing.
  • Laser Alignment.
  • Motor Current Analysis.
  • Ultrasound Analysis.
  • Thermography.
  • Oil Analysis.
  • 24*7 Consultancy Services
Benefits of our Condition Monitoring Services Include:
  • Reduce Unplanned Shutdown
  • Extend Machine Life
  • Right Maintenance Decision at Right Time
  • Improve the Safety & Reliability of the Machine
  • Energy Saving
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As a trusted name in Plant Inspection Solutions, TECHNOMAX Middle East Engineering following the Reliability Concepts that It has a mission statement of “It’s too late once it fails”. We understand the effects of a failed machine; it is unacceptable. Equipment that fails while in service can cost up to 10 times more to repair than equipment repaired when predicted by condition monitoring. Vibration Analysis allows customers to prevent machinery breakdowns. TECHNOMAX offers Vibration Analysis Services for small to multi-site companies. Services are provided to all facets of industries including: Oil & Gas, Power Sector, Hydroelectric Energy, Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, Refinery & Petro Chemical, Waste Water, Wind Energy and etc.

Benefits of our Vibration Analysis Services Include:

  • Identify machine problems before break downs occur.
  • Monitor condition of equipment, this allows companies to budget for replacement parts & Choose when they are replaced.
  • Save up to 35% when using a Predictive maintenance system.
  • Eliminate unexpected breakdowns, reducing downtime & increasing productivity.
  • Reduce spare parts inventory.
  • Save money on machine replacements due to longer-lived machines.


Vibration Analysis is used to provide early warning signs of many potentially serious problems with rotating machinery. If you are looking for a predictive maintenance that can save your companies budget TECHNOMAX’ Vibration Analysis services can benefit you.

We are doing these services in following ways based on such as AMC Contract, Online Vibration Monitoring system, Offline Vibration Monitoring & Analysis, Root Cause failure Analysis and Acceptance test.

Natural Frequency Test (Pump Test), Transient Analysis & Orbit Analysis.

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One common definition of balance is when the mass centerline and the rotational centerline of a rotating part are equal. Another definition is when zero vibratory force or vibratory motion is imparted from the rotating part to the bearings. Field balancing is a technique used to balance a rotating part in place without removing the part from the machine. The advantages of field balancing are apparent, in that time can be saved by not removing the rotating part from the machine and sending it to a shop for balancing. An additional benefit is realized in ensuring that the rotating part is balanced as installed.

TECHNOMAX Middle East Engineering also specializes in balancing machinery for many types of industries. Our Service Engineers are well experienced & well trained to perform all types of Field Balancing.

Here are some of the advantages to using our Dynamic Balancing Services :

  • Less damage and wear to bearings, shafts, and rotors.
  • A reduction in energy use and costs.
  • Fewer machinery breakdowns and production loss.
  • Extended bearing and equipment life.
  • More efficiently operating machinery.
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Precision alignments ensure that the driver and the driven parts of every machine work in unison. Often, different machinery elements fight each other across the coupling, creating an enormous inefficiency in production. As a result, productivity falls while energy requirements increase. In addition, the machine’s components encounter accelerated wear, diminishing life expectancy and increasing operational costs.

There are numerous advantages for using TECHNOMAX for your alignment needs including :

  • Give your machinery a longer life expectancy and keep equipment in optimal condition.
  • Save on energy and maintenance costs, Laser Alignments saves your company up to 8% of total power used.
  • Most importantly increase equipment uptime and decrease unscheduled downtime, Laser Alignments ultimately increases your total output.


TECHNOMAX resolves mechanical inefficiencies by employing a number of alignment techniques, including laser, optical, strain gauge, and dial indicator. We ensure to provide precision alignments for even the most complex conditions. This leaves you with efficient and reliable equipment.

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For those plant maintenance professionals looking for fully featured ultrasound inspection services that provide them with the capability of testing, analyzing and reporting their results quickly, easily and efficiently. TECHNOMAX Ultrasound Analysis services are perfect for diagnoses of early stage problems and lubrications issues.

There are numerous advantages for using TECHNOMAX for your alignment needs including :

  • On Board Analysis of Mechanical Inspection.
  • Compressed Air leak Detection.
  • Bearing Monitoring.
  • Rubbing Monitoring.
  • Cavitation Monitoring.
  • Gear Boxes Monitoring.
  • Pumps/Motors Monitoring.
  • Lack of Lubrication/Over Lubrication Monitoring.


On-Board Analysis of Electrical Equipment’s for detection and analysis of these failure modes :

  • Arcing
  • Tracking
  • Corona
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Insulators
  • Relays
  • Bus Bars
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In IR Thermography we use temperature as a parameter to monitor the condition of any machine in operating condition. TECHNOMAX has certified Analyst’s from ITC (Infrared Training Center) Sweden in his services squad to provide the services of infrared Thermography to the relevant industry. To take a thermal image there is no need to stop your machine. You don’t need to get in contact with your machine.
You only need to get closer as much as you can.

  • Thermal Analysis of motors.
  • Thermal Analysis of electrical cabinets.
  • Thermal Analysis of pumps.
  • Roof moisture/building.
  • Thermal Analysis of bearings.
  • Testing Turbine Blades for tanks level sediment deposits.
  • Boilers inspection.
  • Deposits in pipes.
  • Heat Exchangers.
  • Blockage of cooling channels.
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Industrial equipment generally produce large wear particles and therefore it is vital to ensure that the appropriate oil analysis goes beyond the detection of particulate matter to answer questions regarding Oil applicability, viscosity & contamination as well as testing for the presence of water and other chemicals.

TECHNOMAX Oil analysis can help to achieve high cost savings for your program. Benefits such as :

  • Immediate results & immediate retest when needed and on-site ownership.
  • Can defer maintenance costs.
  • Reduce lubricant consumption.
  • Improve credibility and predict mechanical failures.

Oil analysis program detects problems in hydraulics systems, gearboxes, pumps, engines, motors, turbines, presses, rolls and many other oil-lubricated industrial machines.

Oil analysis services have special features to measure the three most important parameter in any type of lube oil that is Chemistry, Wear and Contamination. On the basis of these three parameters both equipment and oil health can be diagnosed & we can further have a recommendation that what tests we need further.